The Old Man And The Sea Questions

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1.- Does the plot conform to a formula? Is it like those of any other stories you have read? Did you find it predictable?
· No, It doesn’t conform to a formula.
· No, I didn’t find it predictable.
2.-What is the source and nature of the conflict for the protagonist? Was your major interest in the story based on what happens next or on some other concern? What does the title reveal now that you have finished reading the story?
· Source: solitude, hope and bravery.
· It was based on what happens next.
· The title reveals a story of an old man that occurs in the sea.
3.-Is the story told chronologically? If not, in what order are events told, and what is ...view middle of the document...

· No, any character change in the course of the story.

9. Are Round, Flat, or Stock Characters used? Is their behavior Motivated and Plausible?
· There are static and flat characters. They are consistent characters.
· Yes, their behavior is motivated and plausible.
10. How does the author reveal Characters? Are they directly described or indirectly presented? Are the Characters´ names used to convey something about them?
· He present them by showing.
· They are directly described.
· No.
11. What is the purpose of the minor Characters are they individualized, or do they primarily represent ideas or attitudes?
· They primarly represent ideas and attitudes.
12. Is the Setting important in shaping your response? If it were changed, would your response to the story´s action and meaning be significantly different?
· Yes, I think the setting is very important.
· Yes, I think, It would be completely different.
13. Is the Setting used Symbolically? Are the time, place, and atmosphere related to the theme?
· Yes, it is used symbolically.
· Yes, all of them are related to the theme.
14. Is the Setting used as an Antagonist?
· Yes, it is used as an antagonist.

15. Who tells the story? Is a First-Person or Third-Person Narrator? Is it a major or minor character or one who does not participate in the action at all? How much does the Narrator know? Does the Point of View change at all in the course of the story?
· A narrator.
· Is a third person narrator.
· He doesn’t participate in the story.
· He knows some things about the protagonist, is an Omniscient limited narrator.
· No, it doesn’t change.
16. Does the author directly comment on the action?
· No, He doesn’t comment on the action.
17. If a different Point of View had been used, how would your response to the story change? Would anything be lost?
· Maybe, I would response very different, it depends on what point of view had been be used in the story.
18. Did you notice any Symbols in the story? Are they actions, Characters, Settings, objects, or words?
· Yes, there are some symbols.
· They are setting and charcters.
19. How do the symbols contribute to your understanding of the story?
· Because without them, the story couldn’t be the same.
20. Did you find a Theme? If so, what is it?
· Yes.
· Loyalty, hope, slitude, bravery, humility.
21. Is the Theme stated directly, or is it developed implicitly through the Plot, Characters, or some other element?
· The theme is developed implicit through the characters.
22. Is the Theme a confirmation of your values, or does it challenge them?
· Yes, We have to face all the difficulties that the life present us.
23. Do you think the Style is consistent and appropriate throughout the story? Do all the Characters use the same kind of language, or did you hear different voices?
· Yes, Ithink the language is consistent and appropriate in the story.
· Yes, they used the same kind of...

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