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In a time of peace and prosperity one of the most brutal

organisations ever known to man was formed. An organisation

made up of murders, theives, and rapists. The organization we’ve

come to know as the “Nazis”.

     On January 2,1919, two men by the names of Karl Harrer

and Anton Drexler founded a group called the “German

Workers’ Party”. It started out as nothing more than a few blue

collar workers getting together to gripe about the government.

Anton Drexler was described by Robert Leckie in his book

delivered from evil as a toolmaker in the munich railyard a

working man. He was a tall, spare man, as undistinguished as his

dab of mustache and ...view middle of the document...

In an instant there were volleys of

gunfire from both directions. Goring fell, shot in the thigh,

scheubner-richter was fatally wounded and, in falling, dragged

Hitler to the pavement and separated his shoulder. Nineteen

Nazis were killed and dozens were wounded. Only lundendorff

continued to march forward and was arrested on the spot. The so-

called “Beer Hall Putsch” had failed. Two days later Hitler

was arrested. Goring and Hess fled to Austria. Rohm and the

other top Nazis were rounded up and arrested. The party was

declared banned by the government. to all apperances the Nazi

party and the career of Adolf Hitler were at an end. Infact, they

had barely begun.(lace 37)
After Hitlers trial he spent a year in prison. And while he

was in prison he made the statement that once he was released from

prison, his mission was to rebuild the Nazi party into an

organization that would take power legally.(lace 43) And rebuild

is what hitler did. By the end of 1928 there were more than

100,000 members. Steadily the Nazis became more visible

throughout germany and yet with germany sharing in world

prosperity the growth of the nazi party was slow.

     Hitlers strongest asset was his ability to formulate the aims of

his movement so generally and yet in such diversity that there

appered to be something in his program at some time, for nearlly

every german.(black 56) And with Hitler rising to fame the arms

cheifs gradually realised that the strength of the nazi party was

such that Hitler was the only possible successsor to Hindenburg

as the head of the german nation. So on january 30,1933, Hitler

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