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The Organizational Environment Essay

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1. In the organizational environment the art of managing people is undergoing significant shifts.

a. Supply-push
A company anticipates consumer demands and then produces the right resources at the right time and place to meet them.
They organize on how to build a supply of products or services and then ‘push’ them out to end customers on stores shelves, in catalogs etc

b. Demand-pull
This allows much closer and ‘one-to-one’ contact between customer and seller.
It offers customers the components of a product/service then the customer creates their own version by ‘pulling’ what they want.
c. Anytime, anyplace information work

This is the synchronization of events ...view middle of the document...

Examples of such legislation specifically aimed at business operations include the Trade mark Act 1969, Essential Commodities Act 1955, Standards of Weights and Measures Act 1969 and Consumer Protection Act 196.
• Technological environment - includes the level of technology available in a country. It also indicates the pace of research and development and progress made in introducing modern technology in production. Technology provides capital intensive but cost effective alternative to traditional labor intensive methods. In a competitive business environment technology is the key to development.

3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

This is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet.
It is a Deployment/Delivery model
• Hosted and Managed by vendor
• Delivered across the Internet
Usage-based pricing (vs. perpetual license model of on-premise software)
• Per user per month
• Per transaction
• Per GB of storage per month
Lower entry point
• No large up-front investment in
– Software licenses
– IT infrastructure
Lower operating/maintenance costs
• Fast, easy deployment (Web browser)
• Vendor maintains/upgrades application
• No IT staff necessary to keep running
Consumption-based expenditure
• Pay As You Go

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