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In the book, The Outsiders, a gang settles its rivalry with the rich kids from the other side of the city. The theme of this story is not to result in violence. It never solves anything. The beginning of The Outsiders takes place in a big city. Toward the middle of the book, they move to the small town of Windrixville. At the end of the story, they move back to the city. There are many characters in this book. Ponyboy Curtis is the main character. He is fourteen years old and a very good student. His older brother, Sodapop, is sixteen, going on seventeen, and a high school drop-out working at a gas station. He is the understanding person of the group. Pony's oldest brother, Darry, is twenty years old. He is the strict, father-figure of the group. ...view middle of the document...

Darry hits Pony, and Pony runs away. Pony meets Johnny at the empty lot, and they walk to the park. They get jumped by the Socs, and Johnny kills Bob. Pony and Johnny run to Dally at a friend's house. He gives them a gun and fifty dollars and tells them to hitch a train to Windrixville. The go to the abandoned church on the top of Jay mountain. A week later Dally comes to get them, and they go eat lunch. When they get back, the church is on fire with kids trapped in it. Pony and Johnny try to rescue them, and Johnny gets hit with a rafter and breaks his back. Dally runs in to get him out and gets badly burned. They go to the hospital. A few nights later a rumble takes place between the Socs and the Greasers. Dally sneaks out to go to the rumble. The Greasers win, and they go to the hospital to tell Johnny. Johnny dies, and Dally runs out of the hospital. He robs a grocery store and lets the cops chase him. When he gets to the lot he pulls out an unloaded gun, and the cops shoot him. He is dead before he hits the ground.Dally dies a hoodlum, not a hero like Johnny. No editorials are written about him. The next morning Ponyboy wakes up sick and does not go to school for a few days. Randy, Bob's best friend, visits Pony to see how he is doing. He says they have to go in front of a judge. The judge says he is aquitted and the case is closed. Pony and his brothers get to stay together. Pony finds out he has to write a theme for school, and he has to do good on it to pass with a C. When Pony writes his theme he starts with, "As I walked out of the theater, I had two things on my mind-Paul Newman and a ride home." This is a good book because the topic is closely related to real life and what it is like growing up in a gang. I would recommend this book to anyone because it teaches about what violence can do.

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