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The Outsiders
Book Review

The Outsiders is a fictional story written by S.E Hinton in 1967. By now, it has been recognized as a classic, due to its awards and how long it has existed. It's theme can be described as dramatic and moving, while also contemporary and current, despite being written forty-three years ago. It's main theme however, is about how a boy growing up into a man.

The story takes place in Oklahoma, but it is most certainly not set in any "good" neighborhood. No, The Outsiders is mainly set in the slums and ghettos of the state, showing life from a different perspective at the time it was published. Ponyboy Curtis is our main character, our hero. Living with his ...view middle of the document...

Johnny, a Greaser with a strong relationship to Ponyboy, came to his rescue when a group of Socs began to drown Pony in a fountain. Without thinking of any repercussions, Johnny stabbed the Soc with a switchblade, which ultimately saved Pony's life, but ending another. Without any hesitation, the two Greasers ran away from the city into the country, hoping to hide out as long as they could until the cops gave up the search. With the help of some Greasers, Johnny and Ponyboy managed to hide out in an old abandoned church. Yet, just when they were planning on going back to the city to turn themselves in, and after leaving the hideout to get a breath of fresh air, the church had been set on fire from a stray cigarette from either Pony or Johnny (both whom engaged in underage drugs). To make matters worse, children who had been playing in the church were trapped and at a large risk of being burnt alive. Playing heroes, the two Greasers managed to save the children, but, as usual, at a cost. After Pony had left the church and waited for Johnny to follow, a large piece of wood from the church roof crushed Johnny, breaking his back. With the help of a fellow Greaser, Dally, they managed to carry him out before he was burnt to a crisp. The Greasers were coined as heroes, which really lessened their punishment from the law from their acts before. Pony managed to make a physical recovery, but Johnny was not so lucky and eventually passed away. This left Pony in a state of depression, blaming himself for Johnny's death. The other Greasers were hurt as well, (some more hurt than others.) Before his death, Johnny had given Ponyboy a word of advice. "Stay Gold Ponyboy.....Stay Gold." Unsure of what that had meant, Ponyboy didn't find a clear answer until he opened up the book he received from Johnny seconds before his death, Gone With the Wind. Before he had seen this message, Ponyboy began to fail school due to his depression, and was given one more chance to pass his English Class. Planning to just...

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