The Outsiders Essay

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The Outsiders Essay
In ‘’The Outsiders’’, S.E Hinton shows the rivalry between two gangs, the Greasers and the Socialists, which is narrated by Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy changes his views towards the Soc’s throughout the experiences he has, learning how everyone is equal, as well as discovering how important his family is, that things are rough all over and the importance of being golden.
As the relationship between Cherry and Ponyboy grows stronger, Ponyboy learns how equal the Greasers and Socialists are. When Cherry says ‘’things are rough all over’’ Ponyboy really starts to understand how no matter how wealthy you are, everyone still has their own troubles. His conversation with Randy also backs up what Cherry had told Ponyboy. It showed how even the toughest out of the rest can still have troubles. Even though Bob had it all, he just needed someone to say no. ...view middle of the document...

’’ He started to realize how the Socs never had a big emotional side; the Greasers were more like a family, whilst the Socs are like a Team. The Socs never experienced the same as the Greasers, causing them to be less appreciative.
Ponyboy soon learns that you can’t run away from your own problems. It’s best to face them instead. When Johnny stabbed Bob, they tried to hide. They hide in an abandoned church, hoping no one will find them. They had planned to live there for the rest of their lives. But once they saved those kids from the fire, they became heroes, though they still had to face the crime committed before and come clean. Instead of getting dragged to jail straight away, everything almost went back to normal. The letter that Ponyboy found, written by Johnny, showed how he knew he was a hero. Johnny stated, ‘’it was worth it’’. The conversation Randy had with Ponyboy also convinced him everything wasn’t as bad as he thought. The Socs could still find a way to forgive, not to just express through violence. It showed that even the Soc’s could understand, despite all they have done.

The book “Gone with the Wind’’ always had a strong effect on Ponyboy. He never understood what the poem meant until Johnny had told him. Right before Johnny had passed away, he said to Ponyboy, ‘’stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.’’ He was telling Ponyboy to enjoy being golden. To enjoy what you have until the real world kicks in. Not to turn out like Dallas, dead. This also made Ponyboy reflect on everything that had happened. He also realised that the Socs are still golden. No matter how much hate they seem to have, they can still be gold.
Ponyboy learns that everyone is equal, no matter where you’re from. How important your family is, even if they don’t seem to care. The Socs may be more stuck-up and rich, but they still have an emotional part of them. Ponyboy has changed his views towards the Socs throughout the experiences he encounters, learning how everyone is equal.

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