The Overuse Of Technology Has Harmed Society

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Albert Einstein quoted, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” The use of technology today is affecting our future generations by introducing them fast into using technology. Children today are focusing more on Ipads, Ipods, smart phones, or other electronic devices, rather than focusing on their knowledge. In addition, toddlers are mastering using electronic devices before they can even speak. (Alison Lee, 2013) According to research conducted by Alison Lee, it has been shown that when her child was 17 months old, he could activate the television by the use of the remote control. Although, today’s technology has also abducted the minds of adults, ...view middle of the document...

He concludes that it isn’t safe to rely on technology these days, since some who are corrupt decide to cyber bully others. In fact, the addiction of technology and the introduction to newer technology makes the person more attracted to the idea of being antisocial. For example, the Apple Iphone has introduced Siri in its latest smart phone devise. Siri is a program produced by Apple that assists or navigates someone with the help of answering people’s questions, make recommendations, and accepts the user’s requests. In this situation, the individual will rely of that feature, and causes them to lose their social life.
Second of all, technology is a major factor of dominating home life. Using technology to complete chores at home, or doing your school assignment will result into physical and/or mental health problems. According to research conducted by this author, it shows that physiologists studied theoretical conclusions for the connection of social media, and depression. (Dold, 2012) The author settles an example that people who are linked with constant relationships are not realizing the people who are behind those screens are strangers. In the meanwhile, depression immediately occurs following anti-social with the people around you. To put it in another way, infidelity happens when someone cheats the other partner, and this is dominating their home life. According to research conducted by this author, 76% of families have destroyed their communication dies because of technology.
However, it is argued that the use of technology today should not possibly be harmful to our community. Today’s technology had progressed within the last ten years, and it can be beneficial for our society. According to research conducted by Lemke, it claims that the way technology benefits students today, that is can increase their basic skills. On the other hand, students learn faster with the use of technology. (Salpeter, 1999) In fact, it is no surprise that schools using technology has opened up to a whole new level. Also, knowledge can be obtained with the help of technology. For example, Lemke explains that math and science courses are explained in different ways today than it used to be. Lemke says that, “Today practicing mathematicians and scientists in many cases are not looking for single answers buy...

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