The Pagan Origins Of Jesus Christ And Christianity

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When I started this report I knew that paganism existed as a religion before
Christianity. I suspected that if Christianity developed after paganism then it would
have adopted some of the paganistic practices to attract followers. From my
previous studies I knew there had been some form of propaganda against the
pagan religion. Throughout my life, my personal feelings toward the Christian
Church, specifically the Catholic Church, were those of distrust. The Christian
Bible also left much to be desired. For example, Christians are not supposed to
worship any graven image (implying an idol or a symbol) yet they pray to a cross.
According to the Christian bible, the old testament, ...view middle of the document...

Finally, I personally have been
told that as long as you are not Christian (from the Catholic church specifically)
then you are welcome in their church but you are not allowed to take part in the


During my discussion with Subject #1, he began explaining about
Joseph and Mary, Jesus' mother and father. He told me that not only was
Joseph a carpenter, as all know , but also a missionary. therefore, he
explained, Mary was called "the Virgin Mary" because she was the wife of a
missionary not because she was a virgin. The wife of any missionary was
called a vestal virgin. During the time of Joseph's absences she was a
practiced virgin. However, when she was with her husband they had sexual
intercourse. Yet because Joseph was a missionary Mary was considered a
virgin through the divine intervention of god. When Jesus started to preach
he was a philosopher, He did not speak about how the Jewish or Roman
Catholic Religion should be run. Jesus' speeches were a release for the
people from the occupying Romans and the harsh Jewish temples. The new
testament was Jesus' philosophy. In fact there are no original copies
because King James rewrote the new testament as he thought it should be.
The Roman Catholic Church knows of the changes but refuses to
acknowledge them.

While continuing my discussion with subject #1, he disclosed the
main reasons why he gravitated toward the pagan way of life. As a child he
was told to worship God and anything you want just ask from God and he
will give it to you. He felt that was selfish. Then he finally learned what the
pentagram meant. Then he felt the need to learn more. He got curious and
started to think on his own. To be pagan according to Subject #1 means to
be open to others about how you feel. He did not like the Church telling him
that he should control how he feels. As soon as he figured out how he felt
he became a pagan. The pagan church, to him, is a church of free thinking.
He told me that you must not just live you have to be open or you are not
really alive. The church told him to control his feelings. He did not agree
with this. That is when he became pagan. However, he told me something of
interest, there could not be a pagan church because all pagans believe
somewhat differently because the pagan religion allows free thinking. In
today's society persecution still exists. As an example Subject #1 was
accepted by his friends in the church but shunned by the adults. He has
never been attacked by someone but he has been verbally assaulted.
Jehovah Witnesses tell him he is going to hell and they try to force him to
change his ways.

Pagans vs. Satanic cults. In the Satanic church they sacrifice a
virgin by sodomizing her with a wafer that is stolen from a church. In
paganism nothing like that has ever occurred. The Satanic church is a
reversal of Christianity and they are being...

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