"The Partial Writings Of Zenobia Frome" Essay Based On: Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton

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She came home tired and satisfied. It was late; she washed, and got ready for bed. In her night clothes she tip-toed over to the china cabinet; reaching carefully behind the broken pickle dish and her father's old spectacle case filled with remedies...she caught herself. There was no one home this dim, cloudy night; it was not necessary for her to be careful. She was alone, and could do and write as she pleased. So, she added to her previous entry that day.February 29, 1887...My foolish husband and cousin have met with a terrible accident. The hired man, Jotham was supposed to be picking up our new hired girl for me; and seeing Mattie off on the train. But Ethan went against me, in a rare ...view middle of the document...

Now open to earlier writings in her journal; she reads and remembers.December 29, 1879...I sha'n't write long; I am told that there is need of my care by an elderly relative by the name of Frome, one valley over. She is being tended by her only son; and I'm told she is lacking as far as good womanly care goes. I must leave immediately. The excellence of my "doctoring" abilities travels widely in this county .January 5, 1880...Mis' Frome is much worse than I imagined; she is in the last of her illness. She hasn't long for this world. Her son is quite a sight. He listens and obeys directions given; with almost sense of relief. It seems doctorin' has shaken his balance; his lack of sick-bed knowledge and his primitive help does make me laugh right out loud. He seems to enjoy my being here. His name is Ethan, and he is a striking figure of a man. He has great height and a careless, powerful look about him. He seems to be intrigued by a higher level of learning; he said he wanted his study to be like a kindly minister's he knew from Worcester. He built shelves and for books and has papers laid out on a kitchen table. He even has a picture of Abraham Lincoln and a calendar called "Thoughts for the Poets". He dreams of bigger things, and so do I.February 27, 1880...The skies have dropped snow to cover the ground with a blanket of white; soon the March winds will come. Ethan's mother passed 2 days ago. I had to tell Ethan exactly what final arrangements had to be made, he had no idea what to do with her clothes and sewing machine. This seems so funny to me; he is such a needy man! The funeral will be tomorrow, and I think it best to tell Ethan that I will be packing to leave right after.February 29, 1880...Ethan has asked me to stay with him. He wants me to marry him! I just don't know; I need to speak with Aunt Martha Pierce.March 10, 1880...I am working on a needle work cushion for Ethan. I want to give it to him as an engagement present. My relatives seem pleased of this marriage; and so am I. He talks of his trip to Florida and his dream to be an engineer. He says that I will make a "smart" wife and we could live a large town; how exciting this all sounds!April 1, 1880...Ethan and I were married today. We both agree it's best to sell the farm and mill as soon as possible and straighten out all the difficulties left by Ethan's mother's sickness. Soon we will be able to live in a city with all its people, buildings and things. My Aunt Philura Maple, who is married to a minister in the great city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, sent us a red glass pickle-dish for a wedding present. Soon I will be sending my young relatives similar gifts of luxury when we make our way in the big city. I will place Aunt Philura's gift on the top shelf of the china-cabinet for safe keeping. It takes moving a heavy step ladder and getting up on it to reach that shelf; I know it will be sage there.May 12, 1880...Ethan works hard at fixing up the house; I hope...

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