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The Passage Essay

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“The Passage”
It was a dead end that is not a dead end. It is I, who bore the vessel of the cup, wander on the great trek of absence where life begin with a doubt and nothingness. In a scorching hot solitude place, I, myself excavated to an endless desert of finding the passage of my existence, if so, there is to look for. Is this the desert I’m searching for? A boundless existence of emptiness unlikely to the vessel I bore to have. Beholding upon the breath of the cupola, I reach the fading bluish white dome extending my earthly body to climb the unreachable escape of the nothingness. I grab it and there I find a futile thought of escaping through the wrong passage. Surrendering ...view middle of the document...

There is no passage but yourself.” With confusion baffled my mind, I uttered, “You’ve walked through this deserted place, I believe for quite some time. Certainly, you must know the passage out as you walked before my journey.” The man smiled and replied at me, “You must come with your senses dear child as you have not travel upon such long escapade as this without persistence. What is then the reason you’ve come to this place?”
With this, I replied. “I believe that a wanderer like you would be a doubt in my mind to tell you my purpose. However, I’ll be perfectly able to seek the path I have yet to accomplish even if don’t want to help me.”
The man moved towards my path and said, “Zarathustra that is my name, I bore the title who conceived a struggle between good and evil and found a path beyond good and evil. If so you think a man can help you across your journey, then think otherwise. I am beyond a man.”
Coming along with those words, I set to believe he is among the three things I have to fulfill before my path to the passage. “Zarathustra, as what you tell your name is, it is fine with me if you do not want to help me, but how could a man speak of himself beyond a man?” I replied. Is this the first vessel I have to complete? Because, if this is it, then I have to do something.
“Dear child, even if I know the passage, I cannot tell you for it will be different. However, answering your question, I’ve come undertaking the lengths of overcoming the vulnerability, flaws and devoid of a man and accepting the suffering and fate of a man. Now, I came down from my solitude to tell my retribution of overcoming mankind and end the imprudence. “
“You speak dearly of yourself like a carved stone of perfection. No man can be perfect as what you are telling yourself. I who bore the vessel knows a man is born imperfect, but with a reason to draw out these flaws to seek purpose.” With this, I defended.
“But then you who knows what you believe to know is imprudent. I do not refer to perfection, but overcoming the man that is to know of other worldly hopes. A man that is shackled from the fundamental chains of others are fools that becomes weakling and weary complacent to rely such idiocy. Behold with this dear child, man is something that shall be overcome and this Übermensch shall be the meaning of the earth.” He preached.
I spat out, “Übermensch? Impossible! How can a man overcome himself with an inevitable deterrence of social contract? I think it is more foolish to say an individual can overcome such lengths of stigmatism and dissonance.”
“Man has the will to power to do anything he is capable of doing. Thus, man has a drive to be as free from constraints to command the wills of others. It is the strong to survive the race rather than the weak who amalgamates to pity one selves.” He replied
I pensively responded, “I agree man has the will to power but too much can be the cause of your own death...

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