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The Patient Protection Essay

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The Patient Protection and Affordable 1

Running head: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Monrolyn Dixon Richardson

Dr Retta Evans

HAS 505 Essentials of Health Care Marketing.

Strayed University

Spring 2011


Patient Protection and Affordable 2

1. Determine how this Federal law will affect market-driven and non-market driven decisions.
I believe that the new Federal will affect the market-driven planning by actually following ...view middle of the document...

It will affect market driven decisions by the redistribution of income from high income holders to low income holders. (Berkowitz 2011). It is therefore eminent that there will be a negative effect on work incentives and investment which will lead to a depressed potential economic growth.

The federal government has created laws to protect the rights of current and potential employees. These laws address issues such as discrimination, fair hiring practices, health care

Patient Protection and Affordable 3

concerns and employee privacy in the workplace. Some of these laws have been in place since the Great Depression, while others are more resent. Also, this federal law will affect the market-driven and the nonmarket-driven in a big way. They would first have to revamp their mission and goals and come up with different strategies to include this new law or something closely related to it.

According to Berkowitz (2011) this makes it more complicated because they are both for long-term planning, but market-driven and nonmarket-driven planning works different. The nonmarket-driven will have to change their mission/goals, come up with strategies, implement the strategies and put it on the market. The market driven would have to change their mission/goals, they asses what the market needs and compare the advantages and disadvantages of what needs are most important (Berkowitz 2011).

Marketers then formulate the strategy by putting a sample out to see if it meets the customer’s satisfaction implement it and put it on the market. Both of these markets will have to make sure what they put on the market will affordable for customers. Berkowitz 2011)

However, The PPACA does little to control healthcare costs since it only adds mandated benefits but discards underwritten considerations (Berkowitz, 2011). It increases demand among those with no or little out of pocket costs. Carriers will be unwilling to go to market with uncompetitive total cost because of increase commissions of brokers' generosity.

Patient Protection and Affordable 4

2 Describe the circumstances at which you would prepare a strategic plan to include this new law in your marketing decisions, knowing this new law may or may not take effect.
The underlying circumstances when preparing a strategic plan would be based on the idea that estimated savings may be unrealistic and how the medical loss ratio provided on the healthcare bill would impact insurance brokers. The plan would be based on limiting amounts of premium s that can be devoted to administration and profit (Sultz & Young, 2010). This must be considered because it will lead to reduced insurance rates. Since PPACA requires health insurance coverage on all...

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