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The Person I Admire The Most

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today were hers. In the knowledge of fashions she seems to excel over us. She seems to take secret delight in seeing us fashionably dressed.
My mother has an undeclared philosophy and that is to use to the full one's abilities and she practices rather than preach it. In spite of all the domestic chores, she finds time to read and often she reads books that have educational value. She knows a lot about child psychology and now adolescent psychology. The culinary art for her is something that is to be continually developed. She avidly reads health magazines in order to regulate our intake of vitamins and minerals. She keeps abreast of developments, both national and international, and is particular about ...view middle of the document...

My mother does not have a black list of don'ts. She gives us freedom of speech and action; but ensures, by what she does, that responsibility is not dissociated from freedom. At times, when we get on her nerves, she keeps a statue-like silence and the little things we do to please her and to make her break this vow of silence seem to have good sudden effect. She does not compete with us in any way and she does not believe in forcing us to study. Perhaps she feels that we would emulate her and that all she wants us to do is our best. She does not wait eagerly at the gate to know our position in class and she learns of our performance in the examination only when we. with certain amount of pretended modesty, present our report cards for her signature.
To our father she is secretary, companion, domestic accountant - all rolled into one. Her devotion to him is typically oriental and at times it would appear that her only goal in life is his and our happiness. It is not unusual for him to run into a bad temper and my mother's moderating influence has a good effect. He seldom talks to us, but mother as his secretary keeps him informed of our activities. My father is appreciative of her loyalty and devotion to us and as I said earlier he is rather extravagant in praising her motherly and other qualities.
Perhaps my mother does have her own share of weaknesses but I am not conscious of them. To me she is as close to perfection as anything in the world can be. I believe that in any family, it is the mother that keeps the members of the family happy and together. In my family, she succeeds amply.

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