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The Person In Environment Perspective On Social Work

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The person-in-environment perspective has been accepted by the profession as uniquely defining and differentiating social work from related professions/disciplines, such as psychology (more person centered) and sociology (more structurally oriented). In terms of its epistemological status, the concept “person in environment” is variously described as a perspective or a framework. As such, it is said to help the practitioner organize observations, planning, and intervention strategy. In this broader understanding, person-in-environment is not a “theory” in the sense of producing statements that have been or can be verified with empirical evidence. However, this is not to say that more ...view middle of the document...

e. karate, dance, Big Brothers Big Sisters), membership to groups (i.e. cadets, church youth groups), skills (volunteering, job training), and reconnection with significant adults they have lost contact with (i.e. previous foster parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles). It is our role as Child and Youth Counsellors to exploit the potential environmental strengths and integrate them into children and youth’s life space. Incorporating asset mapping or asset checklists into treatment work help the child visually see their strengths as well as surface hidden strengths.
Interventions that follow strength-based approaches are not intricate. Being extremely honest with children and youth and consistently including them in their treatment works not only to build trust but also empowers them. A good time to explore realities, dreams, and self-awareness with children and youth is later in the evening and at bedtime when the day is winding down and more quiet. Discussing new and creative skills that coincide with their strengths can be explored. Telling imaginative stories about children with them also helps bring hope and re-story their past in a more optimistic future.
Active listening can be used to help children and youth identify their own strengths and resiliency. For example, “Sounds like you have been able to take care of yourself and your siblings. What do you think that says about what you can do?”. Countering negative statements with questions that focus on strengths is a valuable approach. For example, asking, “How did you manage that?” or “What does that experience say about who you are?” can be helpful. The use of metaphors to describe or identify strengths for children and youth with lower cognitive abilities has been successful in our programs. As well, asking open-ended questions that use important people in their lives as the spokesperson such as, “What would your mother say you do well?” or “What...

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