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What is real in the universe? Why do we act the way we do? How do we know what is good and what is bad? These are the questions that people have always wondered about. There are opposing theories to answer these questions for us and with critical interpretation of these theories and concepts one can form their own answers around their beliefs. I will explain the different ways that we obtain our knowledge as well as point out my personal answers to these questions giving explanations of the different philosophers and their theories that have guided me through the process of finding my own truth in the universe.The workings of the mind have been the focus of philosophers from the beginnings ...view middle of the document...

Even if we take what we sense in human existence, what we experience cannot be called true knowledge. I do not believe that we can trust rational knowledge because it is strictly dependent on a single persons mind. Rational knowledge is different from person to person therefore it cannot be a true universal fact, which I believe is necessary to be considered knowledge. Hearsay is the least convincing form of knowledge because knowledge is biased and has a way of being molded by the person who is telling it. A person cannot be confident in something that they have not experienced.One other reason why I am skeptical of knowledge of our world is because throughout history it has constantly changed. Scientists once knew that the atom was the smallest unit of matter and they knew that the earth was the center of the universe. How can we be sure that anything we have a theory about today is correct and will not be proven wrong? The perfect truth may exist but it can never be completely grasped by humans.My view is closely related to that of the skeptics, however it is not identical. Skeptics believed in constantly never affirming or denying an argument because both sides can be argued equally well. I believe that we should not hold anything as definitely true but we should take sides in certain circumstances in due to our strong beliefs. I differ from the theory of Epicurus because I do not believe that even empirical knowledge can be truly trusted. Although, it is the most trustworthy of all the ways one can acquire knowledge. My belief is that true knowledge exists but that as humans we are incapable of ever experiencing it all. I agree with the Stoics view that apprehension does not amount to knowledge, it only leads to belief.You can never be sure of something unless you see it yourself. For example, if someone says that there is a test today, you cannot be sure that there is a test until you are actually given the test. You can never be sure of things that you learn about history because the events happened a long time before you could have experienced them so they are beyond our ability to know. This is quite evident by the many differing views held by historians on the same events.It is important to remember how we come to learn information. Many people claim to know things that they have learned in class, from parents, or in church. However, none of these are valid approaches to true knowledge. Just because another individual says something that makes some sense does not mean that it is correct. This individual should think twice if they think that they truly know these things. It is one thing to believe in something, but it is a far greater commitment to say that you know it.Metaphysics can be defined as the study of reality, more specifically, reality that lies beyond the physical world and cannot therefore be grasped by means of the senses. It asks, "What is the nature of being?" Metaphysics helps us to reach beyond nature as we see it in...

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