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The Pitfalls And Challenges Of Mass Hiring

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Alexis 3Cindy AlexisProfessor NewtonBusiness 101, Chemeketa Community College17 July 2008The Pitfalls and Challenges of Mass HiringFirms face unique challenges when they must hire massive numbers of individuals. Some of these challenges include getting the word out to enough individuals so that companies have a large enough candidate pool, ensuring managers avoid hiring unqualified or unsuited individuals just to fill positions, and recruiting applicants that will help maintain the firm's identity. Other, equally important challenges are to establish trust in the community in which the firm is located, creating systematic yet courteous procedures for processing applicants, and ensuring those ...view middle of the document...

The more employees a company must add, the more likely it may not find the individuals it wants. Highly qualified or skilled individuals may not fit in with the culture of the company. Hiring managers must not feel too pressured to hire that they do not keep sight of the longer term goals or mission of the firm and hire unsuitable employees.The firm must establish trust among community members so that individuals will be more enthusiastic to work for the organization. New companies can build community relations by becoming involved in a local philanthropical project or participating in community building events such as socials to help residents identify with and understand a firm's mission and goals. Community building also helps hiring managers understand how to gear recruiting efforts to the local residents in such away as to be more successful in getting the right people in the right positions.The goal of a firm should be to hire the highest quality employees. However, in a mass hiring endeavor, this can be a challenge. Firms must be able to identify quickly the highest qualified candidates to avoid losing them to alternative employers. In addition, personalizing the application and interview process sets the tone for the experience the applicants will have with the company. According to Thomas Jones, ensure fair and efficient handling of each applicant , firms must implement a control system whereby employees are guided through the steps of application, prescreening, and, if qualified, reference to a department for interview. In Business Essentials, both the Bellagio and Wal-Mart were identified as needing to hire massive amounts of individuals. The difference between these two recruitment needs, however, is timing. The Bellagio had an urgent and immediate need to hire and train thousands of individuals within a relatively short period. Wal-Mart, on the other hand, is looking to recruit hundreds of thousands of individuals over several years. Another difference in the two firms is that the Bellagio had a need to hire in one location. Wal-Mart needs a very large amount of new employees spread out across the country in thousands of...

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