"The Plan Of God, Not My Flesh" A Personal Essay About Premarital Sex

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Prior to being married, I never considered how important it would be to know only one man. I was not concerned about the baggage I might carry into my marriage from previously failed relationships. I was not worried about putting my future husband at risk for deadly infections and diseases. Abstinence is the key to a stronger marriage free from sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancies, and it is an important step in making God's principals the foundation for your marriage.By choosing to save intercourse for marriage, you will never consider adoption, abortion, or have to narrow down a list of partners who might have ...view middle of the document...

Perspective can be everything, and when you are weak, Satan will attack your flesh by bringing back memories from a less complicated and more intoxicating time in your life.In addition, by postponing intercourse until after marriage, you will have an opportunity to develop a stronger relationship to build your marriage on. Without sex, couples tend to do more talking. Developing solid communication techniques at an early stage will serve you later when decisions need to be made or times are tough. This will give you an opportunity to build a friendship, which will be the foundation for trust and respect.Lastly, this is not an option; it is Gods plan for us. Wouldn't you like the peace of mind and joy that comes with the knowledge that you have been obedient to God? Doesn't he tell us that we will be blessed for our sacrifices? Compared to the sacrifice he made for you, this sacrifice is small and temporary.Abstinence before marriage is not only physically and emotionally healthier for you and your partner, but it is Gods desire for you as well. Every time I follow my own plan, the result proves I did not put God first.It is never too late to make this choice. God promises, "to make our crooked paths straight." Having God as the foundation in your life and in your marriage will provide strength and guidance. Make this small, temporary sacrifice for God and watch the blessing unfold in your marriage.

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