The Playwrite Moliere And Moderation In The Neoclassical Age

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One of the main themes of the neoclassical age was moderation. Order, control, and reason were necessities of this period. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin 'pen' named Moliere was a well-seasoned, French playwriter of comedies that entertained and taught the same. One of Moliere's notable works, Tartuffe, carried his theme Commedia dell Arte and left lessons on the stage. Moliere uses the tale of Tartuffe to explore the hypocrisy in the church and in individuals spreading false hope. Selfish and decietful motives bring the title character to his well-deserved hubris. In aiming and striking the pride of the church, Moliere's pleasurable masterpiece was banned from stage between 1664-1669. This work being enjoyed by the king and later deemed suitable, returned to theater to educated the masses on religious hypocrisy alongside blind passion.

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In Cleante's advice, Orgon saw the good but in favor of Tartuffe and gambled on this by giving more of himself. Tartuffe used the technique of decieption to coax Orgon into a state of helplessness. To add insult to injury, this villian enters to eliminate his prey by attempting to imprision Orgon and finish his family's exisistance. The imposter demonstrates the hypocrisy in false religion for self gain.

Though Tartuffe's actions were extreme and bold, they didn't differ from the household's mood. Every character displayed a need to act through passion rather than reason, creating a chaotic environment waiting to be difused by order. For example, the temperment of Domis was his weakness and brough more stress than solution. Tatuffe easily unraveled this opponent by playing on his anger, causing Domis' point to be ignored by his father. In the case of Valere and Mariane, they both allow their emotions to lead them down seperate paths. The story's couple cause a division between them by refusing to be reasonable and solve their issues through discussion. Instead the couple's bond is strengthen by Dorian, whom acts as a character of reason and sense in the production. Dorian's character was on the complete opposite end of the mood spectrum, as she practiced self-confidence in her beliefs and was calm during times of disorder. Characters such as Cleante and Dorian are expected to remind the audience of the lesson and provide an alternative route other than destruction. Orgon, emboding a more extreme mood in the play, granted himself a sense of false salvation through showering Tartuffe in lavious gifts and his unwavering trust. However, he not only gave his trust but also was possessed enough to doubt his family. In the heightend state of confusion, Orgon exiled his only son and paired his only daughter against her will to Tartuffe. The actions of Orgon exposed his blind passions of seeking a direct connection with the church.

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