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The Plight Of The Rapeseed Processing Enterprises

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Rapeseed processing, serious overcapacity situation for rapeseed will appear again.According to statistics, by the end of 2009, China rapeseed processing capacity has reached 35 million tons, in 2009, and only 13 million tons of rapeseed rich in our country.According to our initial in jianghan plain and himself with a delegation from zhengzhou Commodity Exchange rapeseed market research found that the current is researched in the financial crisis would survive to occupy market share on the construction and expansion of production capacity.
Market research found that the oil distribution in hubei province with about 500, the production capacity is far more than rapeseed production in hubei province, overall capacity utilization rate is low.A local oil equipment the personage inside course of study introduces, jingmen oil a capacity can finish processing the region all rapeseed, and another is researched in jingzhou also can "eat" the ...view middle of the document...

0 yuan/kg.
According to the current hubei area 1.95 yuan/kg, water mixed 14% begin business price corresponding level 3 standard rapeseed oil equipment price should be 2.05 2.10, if late for, sunflower oil extraction (, is expected to be close to subsidies is expected to offer the upper limit of 2.05 to 2.10 yuan/kg.
Although alternative rapeseed meal and miscellaneous meals - cotton pulp supply nervous, but in the case of soybean meal, fish meal prices keep falling, wheat prices remain high pressure.Late in rapeseed price gradually raise, if under the condition of wheat prices, the cost of the rapeseed oil was easy to more than 8500 yuan/ton.However, 8500-8700 yuan/ton cost price range of 2009 reservoirs in the rapeseed oil, if countries "cantango sales", canola oil market will be beaten down, oil will bear the brunt.
Rush in the harvest in 2008 experienced a painful lesson, after the enterprise the management more cautious, more or less closed rapeseed, proprietary or generation processing, is currently faced by many enterprises long-term development planning on selection problem.
Risk aversion tool is not yet perfect.Nearly two years with the support of policy, more and more enterprises hope to join reservoir in the generation of processing to obtain certain subsidy, in order to reduce the enterprise cost, therefore, subsidies to become one of the most important aspects of the enterprises to reduce costs or profits.
Rapeseed in the store different soy, however, with the need of rapeseed is not easy to save processed into rapeseed oil extraction (, therefore, the price of rapeseed meal one of the most important aspects of the cost of oil become smooth.
At present, the wheat prices are high, with a shrinking price of soybean meal, but it falls when the price unrepresentative, listed on the grease equipment rapeseed and other protein raw materials fall endlessly, late difficulties wheat prices continue to go up.
As a generation of processing enterprises, rapeseed oil, though to the country, but the rapeseed meal are faced with the risk of falling prices could not circumvent.

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