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The Police Essay

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Bittner?s definition of the police is a great definition. They do exactly that, control what needs to be controlled. After reading how many police there are on average per town in the USA, I believe that there is not even close to enough police officers per town. How can an average of 10 officers take care of a town that has a population of 10,000. There are so many crimes that can be completed with the police not even knowing it happened until many days later.A good example of how the America?s law enforcement was little to nothing in the early days is the movie Gangs of New York. In this movie gangs essentially run the whole city and murder, rape, and robbery were not uncommon things to see in the America after the Revolutionary War. There are three duties that the police officer holds. They are crime fighting, peace keeping, and providing social services. Out of the three ...view middle of the document...

The police can sort of be a contradictory group in the sense of a corrupt police officer. Police officers can actually be criminals in their own right. A good example of corrupt cops is the movie Training Day featuring Denzel Washington. Denzel is a Los Angeles Police Officer and he is in charge of the undercover narcotics unit. He receives payments from drug lords so he doesn?t turn them in. One of his main drug lords has 4 million buried underneath his floor and Denzel knows this. Denzel shoots his mouth off to the Russian Mafia and he gets in major trouble. He must come up with 1 million cash or he will be killed. He decides to bust his big drug lord and he tells the police station he only found 3 million and he uses the 1 million to pay off the Russian mafia. In return he gets his life and Medal of Honor and promotions for the 3 million dollar drug bust. I believe police officers should have to go to a 4 year college to become a police officer, because many police officers take their 2 month course and become corrupt immediately after completing the course.The two concepts resulting in tension are the police mandate and the occupational culture of the police. The police mandate is a source of ?symbolic authority?. It gives them privileged rights over other citizens through actions and duties. I believe this mandate is always taken advantage of by police, it seems as though police officers think they are above the rest of society because of their authority.Police brutality is another big problem with police officers all across America. The most significant case involving police brutality is the Rodney King case in Los Angeles. There is no reason why Marc Furman and his police buddies needed to beat King as hard as they did. They could have easily hog tied him and that would have been the end of that. Police officers are definitely needed in our country, but I think that a little more education is needed for the police officers of the future, if they are going to be dealing with criminals of the future.

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