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The Portrayal Of Conformity As The Enemy Of Progress In The Films, "Pleasantville" And Michael Moore's "The Big One"

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Michael Moore states in his film that we are now living in sick times, a time where financial profit is more important than human lives. That is not true although in the 1950s were “Pleasantville” is set. It is an Idyllic time where structure, laws and family values are widespread throughout the land; it is more highlighted to be golden age as we are subjected to David and Jennifer’s modern world, a world very similar to our own where the college counsellor shatters dreams, the health teachers labels the act of non-monogamous relations as dangerous and deadly and to add insult to injury the science teacher warns of further catastrophe as the ozone layer depletes, the stunned students in this ...view middle of the document...

Conformity is the enemy in “Pleasantville”. The discrimination of the lesser groups is as a result to maintain traditional values present in the film, a place where according to Mr. Johnson it never gets any better or worse, this change was feared because it was thought impossible. This film effectively portrays societal and historical issues by avoiding the factor that is the human condition, once it begins to become significant the citizens of Pleasantville begin to form a type of apartheid restricting the “coloureds” from entering shops, this is an example of two worlds clashing that for one reason are not willing to join, it is much like the apartheid was in South Africa. Michael Moore too, effectively portrays societal issues in today’s society. He goes inside the corporate world and brings to light the fact that companies prefer profit over human lives. He discovers the discriminations which some blue collar workers and those on welfare (who are discriminated against by Tommy Thomson who thinks that they leech off of tax payers) experience in the United States as they are over looked and not utilized by American employers for the reason that they can pay other workers in other countries substantially less and some up with the same result and make more profit in the process.
Both films are mediums for specific messages, both of these films portray conformity as the enemy of progress. In “Pleasantville” the man antagonist Big Bob, the mayor of Pleasantville is a symbol of the town’s conformity, and the...

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