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The Possibility Of Eliminating Wars Essay

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It is impossible/ possible to eliminate wars between two nations and within nations.

Is it possible or impossible to eliminate wars between nations and within nations? They have happened for many years ago and it’s affected our life a lot of things. As my research, I would like to tell you about my opinion that: it is possible to eliminate wars.

According to my experiments, war is defined as an intentional, widespread armed conflict which occurs between nations or political communities in a country. Since a long time ago, there were many wars in the world and they’ve reminded us the human history and social change. War is the ultimate way that human use violence to resolve their contradictions or differences instead of peaceful measures and it normally damages both sides. For example, more than 40 ...view middle of the document...

A war may range from a conflict between contrary groups to conflicts between national militaries when they perceive the benefits that can be obtained. It can happen for a variety of causes: to protect national pride from the loss of territory, to protect the right to live or preventing the loss of resources. Otherwise, some countries have their reasons to start the war which are opposite of the reasons upon such as: to inflict punishment on another country, like Iraq War or to invade and take over another country, like Vietnam War.

War is wrong, taking the life of another person, killing each other, are never right. Therefore, we must eliminate wars as possible as we can. In my opinion, I think we are able to stop wars because of the fact that many peaceful, non-conflict have and still exist. There are several solutions to stop wars: citizen could demonstrate and parade to put pressure on their government to stop beginning the war, nations should sit together and exchange views to enter into peace negotiations and the government officials who want to stop the wars should stand up, denounce wars or vote for not going to wars.

In the future, we can’t definitely make sure that there won’t be any wars in the world. With the rapid technological evolution, human is going to build the type of force which emphasizes quality and agility over quantity and mass. It could impact on the societies, cultures, economies and international relationships but if we combine our forces together to find out the peaceful resolutions, I believe that it’s possible to eliminate wars.

To conclude, wars are happening and people are dying everyday. It is hard to eliminate wars but it is also possible to stop them. With our love, strength, we could prevent wars by the solutions which I mentioned upon. Everybody wants a world with full of love, peaceful, not killing each other!

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