The Power In Words Essay

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Jordan Jones
Cady 1A
8 March 2013
The Power in Words
Speeches can be one of the most difficult things to write and present. Anyone can give a speech about anything, but not all of them are going to be amazing. Actually, speeches are one of those things that not everyone is going to feel the same about. One person could think that the speech was great and it changed their life, while another person could absolutely hate that same speech. Most speeches are given to persuade your audience to believe whatever it is that you believe. The speaker wants them to agree with what they are saying. The President of the United States has a huge job when it comes to public speaking. ...view middle of the document...

He speaks out to the family of the lost members of the Challenger crew, and that makes him seem trustworthy. Reagan says “we know of your anguish. We share it”. The people want to know that he actually cares about the big picture, and he can relate to how everyone is feeling. Reagan also brings up the idea that “We’re still pioneers”. The fact that he says that points out that he knows that the United States space program is still learning. “Our hopes and journeys continue” he says. He wants the country to know that no one is to blame and the only way we are going to get better is to keep experimenting and trying new things.
Pathos also plays a huge role in this speech. The whole speech is focused around a tragedy; an event where people emotions are pulled at. The Challenger explosion was something that the whole country was affected by. Reagan is able to play heavily on pathos by his word choice. Throughout the speech he uses words such as “tragedy”, “loss”, “faith”, “courage”, etc. These words show the misfortune of the Challenger as well as show respect for the ones that were lost. Another passage from the speech that tugs on the listeners’ emotions is the one where Reagan talks to the school children that were watching the event on television. The Challenger space mission was supposed to enhance space studies in school, and there was even a teacher on board as part of the crew to do that. The take off of the Challenger was shown in schools across the country, and many young viewers were watching. It was devastating to everyone, and especially the younger children who did not really understand. President Reagan also speaks out to the families of the Challenger crew. He says “your loved ones were daring and brave”, and...

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