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The Power Of Fear In Obrien's If I Die In "A Combat Zone", Hasford's The "Short Timers", Moore's "The Green Berets", And Obrien's "Going After Cacciato"

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The introductory readings, Obrien's If I die in a Combat Zone, Hasford's The Short-Timers, Moore's The Green Berets, and Obrien's Going After Cacciato, all share a common element - fear. An integral part of each story is a sense of fear that helps to intensify the experiences being related by the author; ie make the stories more realistic. Without the use of fear, these stories would lose much of their impact. The entire experience of Vietnam pivots on fear for many of the characters in these stories.In Obrien's If I die in a Combat Zone, the main character struggles to balance his fear with his duty to his country, his town, and himself. 'So to bring the conversations to a focus and also to ...view middle of the document...

From when the poges say, 'Fucking grunts...they're nothing but animals...,' (Short-Timers, 39) and the Marines' reaction, to the exchange between Joker and Animal Mother when Joker must establish himself as a non-poge, the atmosphere has fear right below the surface emotions. It is important to them to establish that they are not afraid of anything, yet it is easy to see that right beneath that bravado is a fear that someone will call their bluff. All the hard talk, 'the baddest of the bad, the leanest of the lean, the meanest of the mean,' (Short-Timers, 40) is all just this little show, as much for the performer as the audience. Their need for this demonstration of manhood is taken a step further by Cowboy when he talks about taking over squad leader for Crazy Earl, 'I'm just waiting for Craze to get wasted. Or maybe he'll just go plain fucking crazy. That's how Craze got to be honcho. Ol' Stark, he was our honcho before Craze. Ol' Supergrunt. Went stark raving. Pretty soon it'll be my turn,' (Short-Timers, 42). Perhaps it will be Cowboy's turn as squad leader; or is it his chance to, '[go] stark raving,'?The driving force behind PFC Paul Berlin in Obrien's Going After Cacciato is the fear of dying. The exercise involving the booby-traps upsets Berlin because he doesn't understand how the NCO can veto his life without him making any mistakes. 'He was a straight-forward, honest, decent sort of guy. He was not dumb. He was not small or weak or ugly. True the war scared him silly, but this was something he hoped to bring under control,' (Cacciato, 40). Berlin at least is honest enough to realize how much the war scares him, and takes it heart. 'He was scared, yes, and confused and lost, and he had no sense of what was expected of him or of what to expect from himself,' (Cacciato, 41). This delirium stems from the fear - the fear of everything that is so different from...

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