The Presentation Of The Characters Beatrice And Hero In Much Ado About Nothing

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The Presentation of the Characters Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing

In this essay I’m comparing the characters Beatrice and Hero from
Shakespeare’s play, ‘Much Ado about Nothing’.

‘Much Ado about Nothing’ is a comedy written by William Shakespeare c.
1598 – 1599. Shakespeare found the story in Orlando Furioso, which is
a great poem written by Ludovico Ariosto, however Shakespeare did come
up with the Benedick - Beatrice plot.

The attention of the characters is aimed at Claudio and Hero and their
young, romantic love and Benedick and Beatrice are the comedy pair in
the play, their witty battles of words provides great comedy.

The story is about two different sets of lovers Beatrice and Benedick
and Claudio and Hero. Beatrice ...view middle of the document...

My ideas about the two women are that Beatrice is a feisty one with a
great wit that everyone admires and Hero is almost the complete
opposite being obedient and demure. I also believe they lead
completely different relationships with men, I reckon Hero’s
relationship with Claudio is romantic and well placed in society for
the age and that Beatrice’s relationship with Benedick is odd because
they both, at first, say they loath each other. The relationships are
different also because in Hero’s case the relationship is
man-controlled and in Beatrice’s it is an equal partnership based on
mutual respect which is strange for Messina society.

The social system in Messina is patriarchal. The men have control and
make the decisions. The women are meant to be decorative and obedient.
Hero very much follows this system whereas Beatrice does not have the
obedience, this maybe because of the loss of her father and the way in
which she was brought up, as an orphan. However, Beatrice’s
disobedience adds a comical and unique side to the play.

Hero represents the perfect women in Messina society; she is
conventional, chaste, loyal and deferential. She knows where her place
is and what her job is. All this would appear attractive to most men
in Messina society, so much so that Claudio has this to say about her,
this is

Tim Snell

found in Act 1 Scene 1when Claudio is admitting his love for Hero, “In
mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on.”.

When Claudio is asked by Benedick if he would buy her, Claudio simply
questioned “Can the world buy such a jewel?” Cluadio clearly feels
that she, Hero, is worth a lot more than the world can afford.

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