The Price Of Fast Food Essay

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Many technologies and innovations within popular culture today were designed with the purpose of improving our lives. McDonald’s designed, improved, and revolutionized the fast food industry. The restaurant began in 1940 when Dick and Mac McDonald were searching for a way to improve their restaurant in California. They decided to change their methods to speed up service, lower prices, and increase production. These initial ideas were the basis for the next sixty plus years in the fast food industry. In order to drastically change efficiency, the brothers thought of an elaborate plan to remodel their whole restaurant. They closed their store to entirely revamp and create a new system of fast ...view middle of the document...

Besides transformed the fast food industry, it changed American values and lifestyles. Unlike traditional American cooking, Fast food sells “prepared food over the counter at relatively low prices to be consumed on the premises or taken-away.” Fast food was anything but home cooking. It was designed for travel, consumption away from home, for people too busy to wait for a meal. Joseph Monninger author of an article entitled Fast Food believes that fast food “began with a few people trying to get hamburgers from the grill to the customer quicker and cheaper. Now it changed the way Americans live. And whether you like it or hate it, once you get on the road you’ll eat it.” Many people strongly identify American values with products and enterprises such as McDonald’s. These values can be the pursuit of happiness, democracy, capitalism, and prosperity. The golden McDonald’s arches have turned the entire building into a sign. McDonald’s has become a popular visual symbols and values which the majority of Americans and the world understand and recognize.

Maintaining time and efficiency are not always beneficial for society. Americans take pride in knowing that we have the freedom to choose what we eat. Some people buy fast food because it tastes good. Brain Sevey, a McDonald’s consumer, believes that “fast food tastes pretty good, and it’s cheap and...

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