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The Price Of Life In America

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The rising costs of health care plans in America is uncontrollable. The number of citizens who are living without health care insurance continues to rise, while at the same time the price of having insurance continues to grow. Instead of the government reforming the health care system, they continue to spend billions of dollars in aid through Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and other government programs - Dollars that could perhaps be better spent on funding programs to ensure every American is provided an affordable health insurance. Over the past year it has become apparent that insurance companies are looking to capitalize by setting premiums higher, as the President talks about ...view middle of the document...

When I grew older I traveled to Germany and realized the differences in the systems. My parents had to file bankruptcy to resolve the medical bills. In a sense it has opened my eyes and made me realize that the almighty America isn’t as well painted as the painter would like us to believe. My interest continues to increase in this subject matter because I feel the system is unjust to the people of America. It should be demanded that everyone pays fairly for health insurance. I am a strong believer that profits in a health care system should not be made when lives of contributing members of society hang in the balance.


When most people think of America they think of streets paved of gold. “The American dream” crosses many foreigners’ thoughts. And I bet if you ask yourself or any other American around you what they think of America, you will probably hear them say “we are greatest nation in the world”. So why is it that the “quote end quote”, the greatest nation in the world cannot figure out a health care solution that would provide affordable health care to all of its citizens? Should health care not be an American right? Since 2008 it has become apparent to the world that America’s economy bleeds just like any other nation.

The current healthcare plan in America today is mostly foreseen by the American government. Most hospitals and health care facilities are owned by the private sector, while the actual health care insurances are through private companies, employers, and government programs to help assist qualified individuals. According to Wikipedia "health insurance is now primarily provided by the government in the public sector, with 60-65% of healthcare provision and spending coming from programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Veterans Health Administration." Now keep in mind that these are programs to help assist people in need because of health care being so expensive for the common person. In my opinion if the government was to spend just as much money, 60-65% into reforming the current health care system they wouldn’t have to continue unnecessary spending and could provide a lot better for Citizens then what they are currently.
"Adding to the misery, by 2015, the National Coalition on Health Care projected that the government will double healthcare spending to $4 trillion per year, or 20% of the nation’s budget. With millions of uninsured people unable to access proper healthcare, overstretched hospitals and escalating costs, America’s healthcare system is collapsing."

Issues with the current system
"The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 49.9 million residents, 16.3% of the population, were uninsured in 2010." Thus making America the only leading industrial country in the world that does not ensure all of its citizens have health insurance. It is also known that health care in America is almost twice as expensive as in any other...

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