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From previous decades, communication and user interfaces were limited (Marcus, 1997). Most computers used DOS which is operating system. However, this system is necessary to operate computers, but users should learn DOS orders and understand the correct form (Arora et al 2005). From starting using DOS, programmers have tried to make user interface easier than DOS user interface then they invented graphical user interface which called GUI. Today, development of communication interface authorise beginner, intermediate and expert users to deal easily with computers (Marcus, 1997). According to Barker & Lamont (1994) and Marcus (1997), to make a good GUI, professional programmers should notice ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, experts try to expand the programmes to be very simple and easy (Barker & Lamont, 1994). Some users might agree with this usage because experts upgrade programmes, use many graphics user interfaces and by one click users may complete their request. For example, in windows system, when users want to delete file from the computer, they just press DEL button and accept the check box. However, in DOS they have to enter commend in the correct syntax to accept this process.
There are a number of features, which designers follow it, to create a good GUI. The first feature is design guideline which has two points. The first point, options layout and it includes quality of appearance and the compatibility organization of data and function. The second point, layout guidelines should supply the designer with all information and structure and find the way which makes communication between programme or system and users (Marcus, 1997). This feature might be good to evaluate the GUI because the most important idea is the communication between programme or system and users and the potential of the GUI to be effective.
The second feature, the GUI design should be consistent. The designers should have important cause to be inconsistent in the design. Thus, the GUI designers should make relation between user expectation and task practice before force the user to realize new rules, task, and methods (Marcus, 1997). In Addition, the main point of usable design is consistency. Users do not have to learn each interface individual because if they learn one interface, it might guide to understand the others interfaces (Kortum,...

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