The Privilege Of Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage It’s not a question anymore whether same sex couples should be granted the privilege of having the marriage title. Most same sex couples are now more concerned about receiving the same rights as legally married couples (between a man and woman.) The largest defense against same sex is the sanctity of its definition. These arguments are constantly about, if same sex marriage is allowed. Then the sanctity of its definition would be forever changed. I just don’t understand what is so wrong with the definition change. Just like I said earlier the main issue with same sex marriage seems to be the re-defining of the word marriage. The opposition to same sex marriage will quickly define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. If ...view middle of the document...

Not a lot of people in the gay community are a part of the governmental system. So this makes it very complicated to alleviate the laws for same sex marriage. The best solution I can think of to this problem is to allow same sex marriage. By allowing same sex marriage, it will go under a different name. This won’t go until we see more of the gay community involved in our government system. With the gay community in the right position they can balance out the opposing force against same sex marriage. This way they can help with same sex marriage, under a new name, by providing the same rights that heterosexual couples have. I don’t believe that I am capable of changing anyone’s perceptions on same sex marriage. I just believe in helping people make their own decisions with an unbiased viewpoint. The main perception is that same sex marriage will hurt society. I am having a lot of trouble seeing how it does hurt society. There has yet to be a concrete fact that same sex marriage is a danger, except to the sanctity of the definition of marriage. If it is yet to be proven then I don’t see any harm in it at all. I used a key and check method of critical thinking in writing this paper. I was given question pertaining to the issue. I answered accordingly to the questions. All the while I gave my subtle opinion as to where I stand. Through careful planning I made the decision to balance out the perceptions that were given to my argument. I value a lot presenting my ideas through critical thinking. This helps me to carefully think over a tough issue. It not only helps clear out more of where I stand but it also helps others who find these methods of critical thinking effective. Marcus Houston Creative/ Critical Thinking 3/2/09

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