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The Problem Is In The Management

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Module 1 Case

Why do our employees feel as if this diversity training is not important?

I believe the problem is in the management, if our employees know that if they fail the final exam they will have to retake the training over and over again until they pass. We need to ensure our employees understand how important diversity training is and how much it means to our company. Our upper management needs to be involved in this training from start to finish ensuring the employees who are taking the training see how serious we take it. Our employees should know in advance that they are going to be attending diversity training and our company should provide some study material that our employees could review prior to taking the training. We should also come up with some type of pre-test to ensure our employees are ready to take the ...view middle of the document...

I think there should be some sort of rewards program set up for our employees who pass this training the first time through. I think all of the upper management and supervisors should have a meeting and discuss some incentive plans that could be used to help the employees pass the training. This would be the expectancy theory that people will be motivated to behave in particular ways if they believe that doing so will bring them rewards they both seek and value. I would recommend some sort of special pay or vacation time off. I know these types of rewards would really motivate our employees to get through the training the first time. I’m not saying all of our employees will pass but the numbers will certainly go up in the pass category. We as a well diverse company should start our own diversity training program that will promote our interest in this training. This will also help our employees learn diversity in the work place and also help them to pass the diversity training when it is their time to attend the training. This will also be useful to our management to gage who is ready to take the training and who needs more training. I feel that this will put our company in a better position to send our employees to the training, pass the training, and come back to work and put to use what they have learned. This will also allow the employees who have already taken the training and passed to mentor other employees who haven’t taken the training or have failed the training. This is the type of leadership that is needed at any company to put the employees first. I think that if the employees see that they are important to the company all the way down to the most junior employee that they will strive to do the best job that they can to ensure the company’s success.


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