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ensuring the editor can seamlessly cut from one shot to another without continuity errors. A continuity error consists of any detail that unintentionally differs from one shot to another within the same scene. If an actor reads a line from one angle, they will need to recite that line exactly the same, using the same exact gestures, with the same exact tone, only from a different angle. If not, then the slightest overlooked detail can potentially negate an entire shot. A director will often utilize the help of a script supervisor to ensure continuity throughout the scene. If multiple attempts of the same shot need to take place, or if the same scene from a different angle, then the script ...view middle of the document...

It is moving, adding, deleting, juxtaposing, scenes, sounds, and images to develop film shots and video clips into a certain context, create specific imagery and timing, evoke particular emotion, create specific imagery and mold them into a story (Fulford).
The director will share the vision of the film to a hired editor, and may even assist with the edit. The editor will get a copy of a script, copies of the footage, and piece it all together to make the script come to life. The editor will watch through the footage, import it all to their computer to edit, and begin with the story. An important aspect to make note of, the editor cannot necessarily edit the story however they see fit; the editor must usually adapt to the director’s storytelling style and incorporate their vision into the editing process. This means the editor will update the director with rough cuts, receive feedback on the direction of the edit, and make music suggestions to accompany certain scenes. If desired, sending certain footage off to other film editors or animators to achieve special effects will need to happen. Pacing the events in a film truly poses the more challenging aspect to a film editor. Once roughly pieced together, the editor must commit more hours watching through scenes, fine tuning hundreds of clips to pace each scene just right. That way shots serve to build up the film’s pace in accordance to the film’s story. Even once the director gives approval of an entire rough cut of the film, much more work still must occur before arriving at the final product. Two of the more important processes include color grading and sound design. Color grading enhances the style and theme of the film through manipulating footage color. Color grading can take place by boosting saturation so colors pop, de-saturating the footage to look bleak, adding contrast for a sharp look, and many other effects. Once fully pieced together, paced, color graded, and with any special effects added, the film will now need to see the talents of a sound design studio. The sound studio will individually doctor up the audio throughout the film. With films shot in outside locations, not all variables present optimum sound. Passing by traffic, airplanes, and animals may all affect the quality of the audio. In order to fix audio without sacrificing a desired shot, the sound studio will seek the help of a Foley artist. The Foley artist will use different audio clips to replace the natural or ambient noise within a clip. They may also emphasize certain sound effects in addition to fixing the ambient noise. Often times the library of sound the Foley artist uses consist of their own original recordings. A punch in an action film might reveal itself as split celery in reality. The Foley artist’s unique ability to build audio from the ground up makes them a viable tool to consider when working with sound. Once the Foley artist goes over any flaws throughout the audio, the audio studio itself will focus...

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