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The Profile Update Essay

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Social networking : [pic]

Do update your profile regularly

"Keep your profile updated, even when you're not looking for a job," recommends Patrice-Anne Rutledge, author of "The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking." "Recruiters love to find top-notch passive job candidates and having a current profile can help you land your dream job when you least expect it."

Don't badmouth your current or previous employer

You know that griping about your current boss is a grave error during an interview, and it's just as detrimental on your profile. Give hiring managers the idea that eventually you'll be tarnishing their image if you part ways with the company and you'll be crossed of ...view middle of the document...

However, if you're attempting to keep your search below the radar, Vergara recommends restraint. Even if your boss isn't your online friend, somebody can get the information back to him or her.

Do go on the offensive

If you want to use your networking profile as a tool, review the pictures you've uploaded, the personal information you've disclosed and any personal blogs or sites you've linked to. Don't wait until you're interviewing to go back and clean up your profile because the hiring manager probably already had a look.

"Get rid of your digital dirt," says Rutledge. "A large percentage of recruiters 'Google' potential candidates to see what they can find out about them -- both the good and the bad. Be sure that you don't have any information on social networks or other sites that could make a recruiter decide to pass on you as a job candidate."

Don't forget others can see your friends

Unless you've opted to keep your friends list private, your friends can see the contacts you've made. So in addition to keeping your friends' risque pictures and comments off of your profile, be cautious about whom you friend and when.

"Connecting to five people at Company XYZ after a day of vacation is a sure sign you are interviewing," Vergara cautions.

Ultimately you need to remember that social networking profiles can mean potential bosses are evaluating you before you even apply for the job. You'd make sure to wear your best clothes to an interview, so polish your profile with the same care.

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