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As the 1800s came closer and the beginning of a new century appeared, America experienced many problems due to rapid urbanization, industrialization, and immigration. As a result, many Americans found it very hard to make changes in society to improve life for everyone. These Americans were known as Progressives and they pushed for reform aggressively. One of the most famous Progressives was our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. He prompted reform in many different areas and as a result created his own political party, The Progressive Party, nicknamed The Bull Moose Party.
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“Fighting Bob’s” greatest achievement, however, was reforming the state electoral system. Candidates for general elections in Wisconsin had been chosen at state conventions run by party bosses’. La Follette introduced a direct primary election, allowing the state’s voters to choose their party’s candidates. Reformers in other states copied this “Wisconsin idea”.
In 1904, female journalist Ida Tarbell exposed the unfair business practices of the Standard Oil Company. As a result of her expose, the government prosecuted the company under anti-trust legislation. As people became aware of these problems, large numbers, particularly from the middle-class, worked to reform the nation, at the local, state, and federal levels. Reformers sought to improve living and working conditions for working-class Americans. They sought to eliminate waste and corruption in municipal governments. They sought to break up trusts and regulate private industry. They sought to improve public health, education, and sanitation. Many sought to conserve the environment. Reformers were successful in implementing reform legislation at all levels of government. At the federal level, progressives were successful in passing the Sixteenth Amendment (1913), which allowed for an income tax, the Seventeenth Amendment (1913), which allowed citizens...

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