The Pros And Cons Of Peer Pressure

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Many Teenagers have to go through peer pressure either in middle school or high school. Peer Pressure can be negative or positive depending on whom you hang out with. Peer Pressure works for the desire to be accepted by your peers it’s the strongest motivating force during adolescence. Peer pressure changes many people lives it can become problematic as children grow seeing their peers as role models. Teens follow the crowd and if that means drinking and being known as “cool” and “fun” then that is what they will do. When people hear peer pressure they think of negative influences such as drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy and how that all can affect you in the future. Peer pressure is words ...view middle of the document...

The United States created the first effective program to reduce teenage smoking. (Flinn T8-T9).
Due to drugs, alcohol and partying, grades in school can drop dramatically. When teenagers are influenced by drugs or alcohol they may not think about the effects it is giving them when it comes to school. Teenagers’ first priority is not always grades or classes, drugs and alcohol may be an escape for them not only for school but for their home lives. Grades can drop and their future may not be as they planned but they can always turn it around. Peer pressure can associate with risky behaviors and tragedy It can all depend on whether or not you let your peers pressure you. School is important to actually have a bright future and we should not take it for granted (Hutcheon).

Your future is a mystery and it all depends on what you do in the past. It can determine if you're going to college, are you going to be a doctor, lawyer, or a teacher. Drugs can really affect the future and teenagers now days do not realize that all their minds are set on is being “cool” or “popular” Drugs and alcohol contribute to criminal behavior. Juvenile detention facilities estimate that there are 23,000 teenage gangs and they are all influenced by family members or friends. Peer pressure can make you do unbelievable things it really up to you and how you control it (Kowalski 6-12). Trying to fit in can get you into activities that maybe you were not planning in doing or ready for.

Teen pregnancy is another huge aspect of peer pressure. As teenager you can have a lot of stress whether you are pregnant or not, there are many things that can cause stress like getting along with your parents, grades, exams and adding a baby is another stressful thing to take care of. Teen pregnancy is the number one top reasons why there are so many drop outs. Teenagers are not ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of a baby, but peer pressure leads them into doing actions that are not responsible. Teenagers with babies have to juggle many different things, like a job and school. Each year 1 million teenage girls get pregnant, 34% of teenagers have a baby before age 20 and 79% have sex under peer pressure. Everyone has stress but a teenage mother is more likely to have more stress than an average teen without a baby (Flinn T8-T9).

Depression runs in everyone but the statics say a pregnant teen has a higher rate than anyone else. Teenage pregnancy can be a beautiful thing but it can cause depression, having many different tasks to do at one time can cause one person to be sad and stressed. A teen will realize her life will change being pregnant like having to work multiple jobs to where her social like will become nonexistent and she might not have anyone there for her which will eventually lead to loneliness and then depression. Having a baby can already detect your future unless you choose another option as in adoption. You may need to think about if you can raise a child,...

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