The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Gap Year

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We all need a break from school, whether its going from high school into college, or during college. Even though there’s a risk of losing momentum after a long layoff from school, its an opportunity to regroup and explore more before taking that next big step into college, having figured out what you want to do in the future. Not only will you able to rest your brain for what’s upcoming, this allows to be fully confident on a major that interests the student, which allows for an easy transition into their careers, and they can have a chance to explore the world at their free will without be strained.
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Additionally, this can postpone their college education by a year, possibly delaying their graduation by a year, and missing out on potential increased income, once they get out into the workforce, and the ones who do take a year off are 64% less likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than those who go into college immediately after high school (Gregory).
Being off for a year or more can be relaxing; however, when its time to go back, students can become rusty and/or relevant to return. This can cause a loss of academic momentum, which can be detrimental to them, especially when coming back from a 9 or 12 month break. It can become difficult to get motivated and comfortable in the classroom, which can cause lackluster grades, possibly put the student at risk of falling behind in class, and the chance of possibly getting kicked out of college due to their lack of academic progress.
Meanwhile, taking a gap year can be beneficial in more ways than one. On average, more than 8,000 students take an annual gap year (Clarkson). This can help build self-confidence and maturity. Also, this can help build a well-looking resume, in which there are internships available for the career the student is interested in, which will be beneficial once in the workforce. If undecided on a major, this can help the student figure out what they like to do and begin focusing on it as they prepare to start college. An Internship can also help the student learn about and prepare for their major with practical, real-world experience and can earn them some career contacts after graduation.
With a gap year, they are open to exploring the world, broadening their horizons. If the student is taking a history major, this can be a major asset for them as this allows them to visit places around the globe without restriction. Traveling also helps broaden a students’ perspective on life. Also, this can help if they are undecided on a college to go to, as this allows them to think about a good place to go. And getting in programs, such as the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps, can not only help the student with a feeling of a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, it can help earn money for school, along with boosting their resumes, too. At least more than 1.6 million students had participated or volunteered in a gap year program (Clarkson)
With everything happening after high school graduation, students deserve a break. A gap year can help them relax and recoup while preparing for what’s ahead of them, with them taking that next step in life. Along with that, those who do take a gap year, are motivated to succeed. More than 60% of students taking a gap year took their studies more seriously than those who didn’t and over 90% of students, after a gap year, returned to college (Clarkson). There’s a possibility that after either high school or college, a student may not ever experience a gap year again, so...

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