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The Purpose And Function Of Lumbar Brace

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This paper is written with the purpose to inform the reader on the Lumbosacral brace, a brace that supports the lower part of a person’s back. The information provided includes those who would be recommended to use the brace by doctors. There are explanations to why athletes and others who are consistently involved in strenuous physical activity are recommended to use the Lumbosacral brace when experiencing lower back pain.

The Evolution and the Function of a Lumbosacral brace.
Lumbosacral belts are back braces that help treat pain in the lumbar spine and sacrum. There are many spinal braces for different parts of a person’s spine which doctors may call orthotics or ...view middle of the document...

Athletes with lower back pains
Athletes have a higher venerability when it comes to lower back pain. No matter the activity, if the athlete is adding stress to the lower spine by twisting, turning, and overusing they are likely to have issues. It is estimated that 5 to 10 percent of all athletic injuries are related to the lumbar spine. The injury can be a result of one traumatic injurie or minor injuries that are constantly being irritated. The injuries can result in the athlete taking time off of their strenuous activity. Rest, Ice, physical therapy, and the use of a Lumbosacral brace are essential to an athletes recovery return their sport safely. (DePuy Synthen, 2015)
Physical Examination in Lower Back Pain
Step 1: The doctor will usually start with questions such as; when did the pain begin, what activities make it worse, what has the patient done to help support the lower back pain? Then the doctor will examine the patient’s range of motion. The motion is measured by standing straight, bending forward and side to side. After the range of motion has been observed the abdominal palpation is performed. The palpation is preformed to find out if there is any pain, and if there is any pain, to find out exactly where the pain is. Some spinal issues can lead to patients having trouble with feeling in their fingers and hands. If the pain grows and gets worse, the pain can eventually travel to certain organs.
Step 2: Neurologic Examination is the second step to test the lower back pain. This examination evaluates the weakness,...

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