The Purpose Of My Visit To A Museum

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Critical Thinking
MoMA PS1: What was the purpose of my visit?

Ambling along Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, I attempt to locate the site that would be the material for my next assignment. Easily enough I was able to come across what would lead me directly to it- 5 Pointz: The Institute of Higher Burnin’ standing out in its kaleidoscopic mastery of aerosol art. The outdoor exhibit is an old warehouse that features the works of world famous graffiti artists and allows for quite the contrast to the museum that is located on the opposite side of the street: MoMA PS1. Founded in 1971 as an art and urban resource institute, PS1 serves as the leading contemporary art center in New York and ...view middle of the document...

With a nest of matted coils of long brown hair perched messily on top of his head he glares intently at you: the sclera of his large piercing eyes contrasting against the muddiness of his face. Dark, bushy eyebrows fixed in thought, I would imagine he has gotten some incredible stories to tell: a sermon about the supremacy of Selassie; or the tragedy of his lifelong pet dog and is perhaps delineating them as he is being frozen on a 31’ x 35’ canvas in bold acrylic strokes. I find myself inescapably glaring back into his brown eyes, softening to his rough, flat image and from the very nature of his portrayal: sensing an intimacy between subject and painter. Inscribed in Verso are the words:
My hero brotha
Robert Randy Taylor (my brother)
April 8, 2008
Henry Taylor
Randy I love you.

Further supporting the familiarity and affection depicted in the painting, the inscription indicates the nature of their relationship; with subject and style combining in an appealing semblance.
A second painting featured in Henry Taylor’s exhibition is: Resting 2011. It illustrates an African American couple perched on their living room sofa in a reposed manner; both their eyes directed towards the same thing: the artist I assume. On the right of the painting displays the male figure dressed casually in all black t-shirt and jeans: his arms slung lazily over the top edge of the sofa and his knees apart. He appears to be involved in a conversation with the person across from him. Sitting exactly beside him is the woman: closed legs and hands clasped on her thighs, the brilliant pink of her sweat shirt emerging from the pallet like the macaw’s feathers against a clear sky....

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