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Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne The story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts around sunset during the 17thcentury. Goodman Brown is leaving his home and his wife to take care of a task that must be done before sunrise. He meets with a mysterious figure in the forest. After the two meet, they continue into the woods and there is a sense that the person who Goodman Brown is traveling with is the devil. There is also a hint that the purpose of this meeting is for some unholy ritual. While they are traveling, Brown starts to feel reluctant and nervous about leaving but he continues on. Further on, Brown starts to see others traveling to the same meeting; he recognizes these others as his neighbors and townsfolk which he thought were christians. Seeing these others makes him want to turn back but he continues. He then hears his own wife’s voice realizing she is going to be initiated. ...view middle of the document...

After arriving back in Salem the next morning, Goodman Brown is uncertain whether his experience was real or only a dream, but he is nevertheless deeply shaken. His view of his neighbors is distorted by his memories of that night. He lives on with a tarnished view of his fellow neighbors and a suspicious, cynical man, wary of everyone around him, including his wife Faith. The protagonistof the story is Young Goodman Brown himself who has a strong belief in the Puritan faith. During this meeting and throuhgout the entire ordeal, his faith is pushed to the limit as he is faced with tasks that test his beliefs. The antagonist of the story is the devil. Throuhgout the meeting, the devil constantly questions Brown’s faith. Young Goodman Brown is a dynamic character. The fact that he went through such a drastic change mentally during this story makes him a dynamic character. There is quite a bit of irony in this story. The fact that brown’s wife’s name is Faith, this convey’s browns salvation, when he married his wife, and when he abandons faith to meet the devil. The foreshadowing in this story would have to be when Brown leaves his wife to go on a mysterious journey at night in the woods. Also when Brown meets the man in the woods who is the devil, automatically makes you think he is going to be involved in something satanic and evil. The climax of the story is when Brown is in front of the devil at the rock altar and recieves a baptisim in blood from the devil. Brown hesitates and tells his wife Faith to look up to heaven and resist the evil. The denoument of the story is when Brown suddenly is alone in the forest next to the cold, wet rock as if he had just woken up from a dream. This even causes Brown to be very suspicious of his fellow townspeople. Two themes from this story that could be developed in a paper would be how evil can affect those who seem to be upright. Another would be one man’s virtue could be another man’s sin. Much of Hawthorne’s works are centered around New England featuring a strong Puritan inspiration. He attended Bowdoin College in Salem Massechusetts. Many of Hawthorne’s stories were romances.

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