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The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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The Pursuit of Happiness
Should people leave their countries? This is a question that all of us need to concentrate on in our society to answer it. A young man who had a fight with his father decides to leave home to be independent. A person who fails in love goes to another country to start his life over again. Even some for inexplicable reasons want to live abroad to pursue their dreams. There are many other stories all around the world that have been mentioned in the newspapers, magazines or even TV shows. Whatever reason that makes them emigrate, they all end up having one thing in common, which is to be happy. Human beings were created to live together peacefully and worship God in ...view middle of the document...

Influences, such as economical, educational, political, and many other reasons that exist in our civilization, make people immigrate to highly industrialized nations. Despite the arguments of innumerable benefits of living abroad, critics claim that people should not leave their home countries.
For years, people have emigrated due to economic troubles. The most popular cause of migration is the condition of the emigrant’s country. Most of the immigrants come from poor and undeveloped nations, also known as Third World, where living conditions are bad and unemployment is high. The lack of resources in their countries makes a reasonable part of the population to immigrate to another country to have stronger opportunities that they couldn’t find in their motherland. In the article “Immigration Nation,” Tamar Jacoby explains that there is a shortfall of unskilled labor because employers cannot find enough young Americans to do the work and the demand for labor will continue to increase without immigrants (par 8). Most people who leave their homes have the USA as a target because of its huge demand for manual labor, which is already saturated in their own countries and the reasonable wages America offers.
Moreover, many highly skilled professionals who are poorly paid in those less developed nations are also forced to leave everything, especially families, to go after better remunerations. Numerous of those individuals leave their spouses and kids behind to provide them a better financial condition, once they start to send part of their incomes back to their families who are still most of time juggling to pay the utilities back home. The strategy is that the individual can go to another country and earn more money than he would earn in his own country. While many of the immigrants that come to America are from Third World countries, not all of them are poor. Numerous college educated individuals immigrate in order to become more successful in their careers. America offers visas for highly skilled professionals who are able to make a valuable contribution to America’s economy. Regardless of the high request of manual labor in America, many critics claim that immigrants are taking the jobs away from Americans.
Many other emigrants make a decision to study abroad because in many countries, especially small or Third World countries, there are not many colleges and universities available. These countries often have a great lack in education. Students may have the desire and ability to learn and obtain things, but are not able to because of the country in which they live. Most developed countries supply a wide range of schools that are suitable for everybody. Students can attend any community college or university to seek a degree without having any difficulty; plus the options of classes are vast, detailed and helpful for all students. Some of those developed countries governments have the financial aid programs to help international students with...

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