The Puzzle Of The Filipino Laborer: Pinoys Most Preferred Labor Force Abroad, But Productivity In Rp Low

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Case Study: The puzzle of the Filipino Laborer: Pinoys most preferred labor force abroad, but productivity in RP Low

To be able to solve the puzzle, I would like to look at Pinoy as a product. And I would like to treat the Republic of the Philippines, Head of Department Education as the Operation Manager (OM).
The objective of the operation manager is to be able to develop set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and service by transforming inputs and outputs. Now in order for the operations manager to achieve its purpose OM has to look and define where the government would like to focus?
Differentiation, rapid response or low costs and then OM needs to check the 10 ...view middle of the document...

The OM needs to design program based on the skills and competence needed in the market.

Third, OM needs to focus on Quality to ensure that what he produce are good not only for some area but in all areas. This is not easy to achieve as there is a price in attaining Quality. The OM in able to make sure that he implements a beneficial quality management program needs to study his options and to be able to sustain optimal return.

When the OM or the Philippine Government addressed the 10 decisions on Operations Management, then we can now even out the supply of productive labor force both in local and international market.

The way I see it, I take for example the market where I belong – Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines. Around ten (10) years back the normal career path of an Accountant: 1st after graduation from Top Business School take the board exam and apply to the Big 4 Companies (EY, PWC etc). The 5 to 7 years’ experience with the Big 4 Auditing Firm will qualify them to land a post as an Accounting Manager/Controller in the top 100 Companies in...

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