The Rebelloin Of Lance Part 3

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For the first time in a long time, Lance walked down a crowded street, able to enjoy the scenery and bustle of people instead being ever so alert of creatures and sometimes people that would want to see him dead and buried 6 feet under their foot. He passed stores and was able to have the time to glance at what they displayed instead of hurrying along to get to a place where he could run if it was needed. But a part of him was always alert. That part was always looking for this one person or this one cathedral. Then suddenly that part of him went ...view middle of the document...

His hands sweated more than when he was about to be boiled alive. But there was no danger but excitement in his mind of finally after 2 hard long years he would see Elaine again. He knocked on the door and after waiting for while a nun opened the door and let him in. He walked through the cathedral like so many times before. He looked at the tapestries that hung on the walls telling the stories of the Bible. He looked at the stain glass window that shed radiance of color through out the cathedral and remembered the day that he and Elaine sat and looked at the brilliance of it until the sun set. He turned and asked the nun, "Do you know where a girl called Elaine is?""Yes actually. She was a very nice girl, but..." The nun trailed off."But what" Lance asked getting worried."A few month ago she left" the nun said, them she looked up and asked "are you Lance?"Lance surprised said "yes"" She told me to tell you that the golden dragon is a dragon of the east." And with that the nun left through a door.Lance took out the golden dragon from under his shirt. What could it mean thought Lance. Is there a secret meaning to that or was she just telling me. Maybe that's the direction she went and with that thought Lance rushed out the cathedral and headed for the east gate of the small town leaving the cathedral.

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