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The Recent Strong Oil Spot Market Prices, Market Demand Is Stable

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The recent strong oil spot market prices, market demand is stable.Level of dalian soybean oil ex-factory price to 7350 yuan/ton higher than last week to 100, soybean oil price 7350-7550 in jiangsu province level, higher than last week's 200;Hubei four vegetable oil factory price at 8500, higher than last week, 150, anhui four vegetable oil factory price at 8400, higher than last week's 50;Guangzhou port 24 degrees palm oil distribution price is 6430, higher than last week, 200, tianjin port 24 degrees palm oil distribution price is 6500, higher than last week 200.
2010 new season rapeseed price basic stability, oil price in 4000 yuan/tons.In some parts of rapeseed has stopped.
International market price, from July 22nd August shipment South American soybean oil imports $894 per ton cif, comprehensive cost 7590 yuan/ton, the ring is on the day rose 50, from a year earlier rose 640 yuan/ton.Shipping date of August 24 degrees of Malaysia palm oil imports, $861 per ...view middle of the document... data by 1.2 million tons, 340 million tons, the main reason is that rapeseed production data.Rapeseed output of 10.2 million tons, Canada than last month cut its 1.8 million tons, the main cause is a decline in harvest area.Other aspects of adjustment including, rapeseed production data by China and the European Union, and the United States, Brazil, and uzbekistan cotton seed yield data.
Late trend analysis: official statistics show that gross domestic product (GDP) in China in the first half of the year is 17.284 trillion yuan, up 11.1% from a year earlier. The better-than-expected economic data, the domestic general economic conditions improve, increase the market confidence in the spot market.After entering in July and a half months, vegetable oil prices showed no sign of weakness, around the market gradually tend to be more active.Futures disk echoed, both at home and abroad calls, the rising domestic vegetable oil price rise is expected to continue, will become a focal point of the commodity market.
Soybean oil market, in the first half of 2010 a total of imported 256000 tons of soybean oil, fell 42.34% year on year, plus oil squeezing production of soybean oil, soybean oil inventories in main parts of the country reached 1.05 million tons, in such a large inventory pressure, hard to out of the big oil market.Oil recovery of aquaculture, a meal will clear, the soybean oil market has formed a certain suppression, but as the early rain weather is detrimental to soybean growth, soybean destocking process is complete, soybean oil market outlook still have the opportunity to rebound.
Vegetable oil market, when the new season rapeseed listed in the dense phase, researched the positive buying stock, ready for later processing.But this year the majority of production areas rapeseed acquisition at a standstill, couldn't get a rapeseed oil.On the one hand, rice bran extract ( is reluctant to raise prices, farmers generally rised;Recently, on the other hand, the Yangtze river basin for days, heavy rain attacks of hunan, guangxi, jiangxi, anhui and other provinces and regions hard-hit, certain effects on the purchasing work of rapeseed.The region most areas such as anhui processing plant shutdown, the price of the vegetable oil to form a certain support.

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