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The Recipients Of The Constitution Of America

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Kate Behrokh
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The Constitution of the United Stated of America
History was made for America on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia. It was the day that the Constitution of the United States was agreed upon and signed, having been worked on for almost 4 months. By that time, it was almost perfect to its writers. But was it nearly as perfect to the rest of the American citizens? Ongoing controversy questions that it was written for the benefit of all peoples, rather than just rich white males of the time. Evidences of this fact are that the Constitution has been around for a long time effectively, it was written for the equality of government and not specific people in general, and ...view middle of the document...

The Constitution did not refer directly to the rights and notions of individuals, but rather the government. It was not until after the document was voted upon that a member of the Constitutional Convention noted that there was no bill of rights for individuals. Therefore, the Constitution itself was not written directly with individuals’ rights in mind, but rather the government’s so that it could then effectively serve the people. Our current Bill of Rights was added in the end to complete it. In fact, the equality of the government was the concern of the signers. The delegates spent 4 months trying to devise a plan that both benefitted small states and large states. They wanted representation to be equal and just. Roger Sherman had remarked that it was the wish of the delegates "that some general government should be established." Eventually, they did establish one based on the Great Compromise. The Senate would have 2 representatives and the House of Representatives would have delegates proportional to the population of the state. This way, both large and small states were equal in the power they shared. Now that it was evident that power was to be shared, the Constitution had to keep that power in check.
As mentioned before, the Constitution led the way of the government. Among others, one of its purposes was to keep this shared power in control. The power that government has over its people...

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