The Reflection Of Society's Dominant Ideologies

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Media Effect

Much of what we know about ,care about and think is important is base on what

we see in the media. These social institutions present to us and help install in us the

values,attitudes and beliefs shared within our culture.In other words,much of the

content produced by the media reflects the society's dominant

ideologies.Thus,media as an advertisement and all that industry in America,

better or worse, affect our perception of others and particular groups and even can

reinforce our stereotype and prejudice of gender or race.Through our demand as

consumers,the use of advertising in television ,news papers and especially magazines

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Then Dan wanted a

picture of a health woman in the ads,and it occured to him one day that his mother

was the perfect model, and Lyndia Pinkham embodied the healthy women,dignified

and hansome women who possesed a benignmothery countenance.The picture not

only identified the product but conveyed the whole Pinkham message.However there

were some disputes among the some other same industry because image of healthy

women were so rare in the late nineteenth century."Many Pinkham ads and ads for

other patentmedicines,capitalized on the image of women "who were worn out" ,"not

well enough to work" ,"hysterical" ,or even insane.One pinham's ad was made up to

look like a newspaper story with stacks of headlines "A FEARFUL TRAGEDY/A

clergy man of Stratford Conn/Killed by his own wife /Insanity brought on by 16 years

of suffering with female complaints the cause Lyndia Pinkham's Vegetable

Compound.The Sure cure for these complaints would have prevented the dire deed.

In another ad ,a woman reclines on a couch,her feather duster beside her."Im simply

worn out," the copy reads."(Stage146) Marcellus claims that "the copy in the longer

ads is particulary telling ,as is the fact that all of these ads seem to be aimed at white

woman ,particulary society woman or women who held a jobs."For example,one ad

shows a woman who has apparently fainted."Social tragedy "reads the headline and

the copy tells of "women who brave death for social honors."it continues ,"In the

midst of one of the most brilliant social functions of the season,a noted society

woman starred suddenly from her chair with scream of agony and fell insesible to the

floor.A few hours later the distinguished physician told her anxious husband that she

was suffering from an acute case of nervous prostration brought on by female trouble

and,hinted at an operation.Fortunately,a friend advised her to try Pinham's vegetable

comound.The result was that she escaped the surgeon's knife and today is well

woman.The derangement of the delicate female organism sets every nerve in the body

quivering with pain.Headachs ,backaches ,torturing bearing down pains and dragging

sensations make woman nervous and hysterical."(Stage 148) Marcellus points out that

this advertisement appeals the promised relief with a dose of Lyndia Pinham's but

they also convey negative messages about women ,who are depicted as sickly,with

the delicate female oraganism as the cause.He claims that "this ad suggets that the

woman brought her illnessonto herself,,either by working at a paid job in the first

place or first being a woman who would brave death for social honors" The other

copy says "This applies to women,regardless of caste or color.The ambitious girl

striving for school honors ;the shop girl ,anxious ,eager ,worried,for she must keep

her place;the society women :all climb too high.What...

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