The Reflection Of Two Leadership Styles

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The Reflection of Two Leadership Styles
NaKisha Dumas
Walden University

I will talk about followership and leadership connections with two persons that I work with. These people were chosen based on their leadership skills and abilities. Also, I have mutually admiration for both of them. Lastly, I preferred these two because they inspire me, and have pushed for me to go further in my career. In this paper I will talk about their leadership styles. I will also touch on the leadership characteristics in which makes them successful leaders.

The Reflection of Two Leadership Styles
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The first leader I mentioned is effective because of her positive attitude, and decision making techniques. She motivates me to convey the vision. As my supervisor I know what she wants from me. Her wants are plain and crisp. When the staff know what’s expected we achieve high performance ratings. 
The staff nurse mentioned is a great role model. She and I have worked closely together for five years. She stands by her word. A positive outlook is connected with great leadership. She recognizes the skills and talent of followers to accomplish the goals of the business. I have developed enormously because of these two leaders. These two individuals allow me to use my skills and talents throughout the organization.
The article Leading in Times of Uncertainty break down the three strengths. Purpose provides clear direction. The energy joins people and leads them in like directions. Courage provides strength, which allows us to trust in ourselves. Trusting in self leaves no room for doubt. I chose to follow these...

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