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The Reign Of The Golden Age

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“What a family is without a steward, a ship without a pilot, a flock without a shepherd, a body without ahead, the same, I think, is a kingdom without the health and safety of a good monarch (Chamberlin)”. Elizabeth Tudor better known as Queen Elizabeth or “Virgin Mary” was a prosperous female in a time where woman didn’t go very far and in some cases weren’t even the preferred sex to get as children. Even with all of the objections going on throughout the period of time Elizabeth was a great contribution to England. Most of her success came from being an independent woman who ruled the country on her own without having to rely on any husband, Also the incredible knowledge and education she ...view middle of the document...

On March 17, 1558 Queen Elizabeth the last one left of the Tudor’s rose to the thrown.
While in reign she accomplished many things, some of those were England’s expansion in literature and arts, expansions out side of England. During her reign the English Navy defeated several attempts of invasion. One of them was the Spanish Armada but that was no success since they made the mistake of trying to avoid the English’s ships and storm after storm the English beat the Spanish. Such even lasted fifteen years of fighting. After the English finally beat the Spanish Armada, trouble started to show back in England’s economy and it even started to show Bad harvests, inflation, and unemployment, triggered by the damage of public morale. Bribery and greediness headed to a wide range of popular hatred for Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth always maintained an elegant image, when becoming a queen she was known to have a passion and taste in jewels and dresses (Gibbs). Her physical appearance was tall, slinky with fair skin most of all she had the famous Tudor red hair that the rest of her family members also had (Hughes). She survived many catholic plots and conspiracies one of them included Mary Queen of Scots, that plot was called Babington. She represented herself with an appearance of a Protestant woman. This caused many outside countries to be jealous of the way the Queen ruled the country.
Through the 1580’s, Elizabeth created a harshly persecution of Catholics in England. She sent hundred’s of Catholics to be murdered. For the persecutions were chains of Catholic plots to murder Elizabeth and substitute her with Mary, Queen of Scots. Finally, in 1586, Mary’s part in these plots were proven and she was beheaded the following February. After Elizabeth had taken the thrown she acquired many admirers but she never assumed to having anyone and she never married anyone. She was determined once to get married but was afraid that she would end up like her half sister Mary. Some say it was because of the way her father treated the women he married or perhaps because she was scared to loose her power and independence. Queen Elizabeth had never married and had never born any children this brought about the nicknames such as Good Queen, and The Virgin Queen. The only man Elizabeth that was the closest to marrying was Philip of Spain but politics and too much power of both would’ve made the marriage basically impossible. There were also religious problems. Protestant countries were normally poorer than Catholic ones, and talks for the Queen's hand almost always extended a tentative rock when religion was talked about. In discussions with the French for her hand, religion was a main...

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