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The Relation Between Linguistics And Culture

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The relation between culture and linguistics
From the perspective of the discrepancy of culture, the relation between culture and linguistics is, from my point of view, multi-facets.
For one thing, the discrepancy of culture between the southern part and the northern part of China helped to foster the prevalence of Chinese tradition which generate a Chinese cultural atmosphere for language study in and abroad .As it is known that language as the culture carrier performed an indispensable role in linguistics study .Firstly, language learning and acquiring means a culture soaking process with regard to their customs in various regions.There might be behaviors that are considered ...view middle of the document...

The diversity have contribute to the social variants, namely, regional or geographical dialects under cultural influence .Take the term wife for instance, In tai wan wife were called in-hand (qian shou, which means to put wife’s hand in husband’s hands in a lifetime) while in north, married women were called the mother of children, They all have the same referent but differ in appellation. From the analysis where so much differences are included we can see that there is no tendency for one to take place of another instead they are assimilated to form a Chinese cultural environment which facilitate the spreading of Chinese tradition in human civilization especially in language. It is the way that we use language that mingled much with culture that transcend the boundary of land .No matter how irrelevant the term it refers to ,language mirrors culture and is cultural specific, in another word, culture is delivered via language .
As a result ,.people belong to different register may not get to know each other’s or be committed as the member of that area given that the language discrepancy may act as a barrier hampering the communication between them. Hence the interdependence between cultures necessarily reflects language complexity .It is the same process in analogy to making friends. When we make friends with someone we met for the first time, straining effort must be made and further development of friendship must be a gaining of knowledge of his/her culture, customs and way of living .As culture can be transmitted, a foreigner who considers fork and knife more formal of the usage of utensils in the context of Chinese culture would be assimilated to believe that dinning with chopsticks is also a decent matter regardless of a laggard oriental way. Moreover it has been proved that the usage of chopsticks managed more than 30 joints of human body and more than 50 muscles which stimulate the activity of the brain nerves making actions more vivid .Commission of this kind bridged the cultural barrier and helped to maintain goodwill between two countries.
In western culture, independence are valued whereas in eastern world people tend to gather in a certain place in quantities. Since every social phenomenon has its trace in culture, it is reflected in American culture that statesman is a commendatory term versus politician, who, rather than a servant of...

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