The Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Decision Making

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Critical thinking and decision-making are related in more ways than people think. This paper will define critical thinking and decision-making according to the book Whatever It Takes. It will also present a personal definition of critical thinking and decision-making from the author of this paper. The relationship between the two will be explained as well as the benefits of being a critical thinker. The author of this paper will also show how critical thinking is present in his organization and how he implements critical thinking techniques on a daily basis.

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I feel decision-making is an action. It is the destination of logical and analytical problem solving which is based in fact. Once the destination is reached, action in taken according to the resolution reached. Decision-making is the product of critical thinking.
I believe that critical thinking and decision-making are inter-twined because you can't have one without the other. When you are trying to decide on something, you begin a
critical thinking process. During this process, one evaluates information on a given problem. The process of reaching logical conclusions, solving problems, analyzing factual information, and taking appropriate actions based on the conclusions are called decision-making. While critical thinking and decision-making are interrelated and rely on one another, they are also independent. Critical thinking does not guarantee that a decision will be made and decisions can be made without processing information logically.
There are benefits to being a critical thinker. It allows you to process problems or information in a systematical and logical fashion. It also allows you to come to the best decision available given the current information. When used properly it can save valuable time in reaching...

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