The Relationship Between Experienced Employees And The Less Experienced Employees

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Mentoring is basically a relation ship between two persons where by a person having greater experience, expertise and wisdom counsels and helps another person to develop both personally as well as professionally. The purpose is to foster positive and constructive relationships between experienced state employees who are the mentors and the less experienced employees. On the other hand, Career development is a long term process in dedication to the development of professional knowledge, skills and expertise for the employees. Career development is always for the benefit of both the individual as well as the organization as it provides to the individual a more efficient, productive and ...view middle of the document...

So what role does mentoring play in career development?
Many organizations business professionals are achieving professional success under the guidance of a mentor. This is due the changing organizational structure where the careers have become boundary less, where the hopes of the manger of a business company is totally dependent on a network of a few intelligent mentors to meet the challenges in the work places. In this way, mentors play a very important role in developing the business career, as they are the key element for the bright careers of business.
Furthermore, good career advice, support, positive perspectives, and mentoring have proven to be a suitable and appropriate ways for individuals to achieve professional gain in an organization and for organizations to achieve quality career development through out their organization . However, the companies who do not provide career development and mentoring programs may face a slow career development process. At the same time mentors are also trained by the companies in regard to career development as a relation to the HR professionals. Therefore, along other professional training programs, mentoring has also entered into the list. Now organizations are focusing more on training mentors for a stronger and faster business development, which at the same time ensures the prospectus of these career oriented mentors. However, women are equally being offered to such mentoring programs where they use their mentoring skills outside the company to indirectly benefit their company as well as themselves as gaining more experience to get hold as a strong mentor for its organization. For instance they communicate to their clients during lunch hours or meet them at lunch in person do develop close relationships to bridge the cultural and racial gaps among the very customers, clients and the organization.
Moreover, a new trend has started in the...

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