The Relationship Between Homelessness In Australia And Rising Cases Of Health Issues

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The research will adopt a qualitative approach in an attempt to connect the relationship between homelessness in Australia and rising cases of health issues. In this research, an attempt will be made to assess the special needs of homeless people in order to recommend the best ways of providing health care for them. A qualitative research is justified in this attempt since the researcher will only access a few respondents but will have enough time to do an in depth interview with some of them (Morse, 1994, p 26). This method will also help the researcher address questions such as why the homeless are homeless and also analyze probable causes of ill health among the homeless.
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The interview will be done using researcher administered questionnaires. An interview will be conducted with at least one person among the different age groups of the homeless, that is, at least one child, one young person, a mature adult and at least one elderly person. An interview will also be conducted with at least one health worker in the home, one home administrator and if possible, a volunteer who offer legal representation. An observation will also be carried out to assess the period of the day when the number of homeless people increase.
Data Analysis
The data collected in this study will be analyzed primarily in constant comparative analysis where data obtained from an interview with one respondent will be compared with data obtained from other respondents in the same home. For a more comprehensive analysis, an attempt will be made to borrow inference from both narrative and discourse analysis (Morse, 1994, p 27).
Ethical Considerations
The most important ethical consideration that will be taken into consideration in this study will be getting the informed consent of the participants. Participants will be informed of the purpose of the study and their consent will be sought before be lined up for participation. However, the following ethical issues will also be considered:
• Psychological risks and other risks to the respondents
The homeless respondents are considered to be in psychological duress and may not want to discuss their predicaments (Morse, 1994, p 33). This will be addressed by making any response voluntary so that only stable respondents are involved.
• Protection to the respondent’s physical, psychological and mental welfare
To ensure protection, the researcher will seek permission from the home’s authority and from the...

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