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The Relationship Between Martin Scorsese Upbringing And His Film, Mean Streets

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The Relationship between Martin Scorsese Upbringing and his Film, Mean Streets
Martin Scorsese has in most of his interviews opened up to state that the culture that he grew up in influenced and still has an influence on the cultures upon which the movies he directs are based upon. In this discussion, the attention will focus on his 1972 film, Mean Streets. Though he had been through the training of another director, Mr. Corman, the movie that granted him the breakthrough into the entertainment arena was actually motivated by the situations and events that he was exposed to in his upbringing.
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It is his childhood experiences that motivated the themes and it is the same childhood that prepared him to be what he is today, a winner of the Academy Award for Best Director in 2006 plus the seven Best Director nominations. To identify how his upbringing compares to the themes in Mean Street, it would be wise to analyze his childhood.
The Early Life of Martin Scorsese
The now famous movie director was born and brought up in New York. The birth place was Timonium in Maryland after which his entire family migrated to Manhattan more specifically the Little Italy section where his education was initiated. The father, Mr. Jared Scorsese worked at the Garment District of New York and was also an actor as well as clothes presser. The mother to the entertainment icon was Catherine Scorsese and also worked at the Garment District of New York while she still had the time to be an actor as well as a seamstress. His grandparents, the parents to his father, had emigrated from Polizzi Generosa which is in the province of Palermo. Therefore, they both descended from Italy.
As a young boy, Martin Scorsese had developed asthma. Unlike other children, he was restricted from playing to avoid exposing him to risky conditions that would cause his health to depreciate further. He acknowledges that as he watched other children play through the window, he would listen closely as his father and the uncle talked about various films. As a result therefore, his older brother and the caring mother would often take him to movie theatres thus he could not be extremely bored due to limitations to sports participation. After his multiple moments in the theatres, he started developing passion for cinema which at the current moment we can say has paid off. His asthmatic condition was indirectly shaping up his success and directing him to his talented passion, film making. Martin Scorsese broadly acknowledges that his favorite actors at this period were Victor Mature and Sabu while he adds that the film Black Narcissus influenced his thinking especially about the innovative techniques had adopted.
Martin was not immune to cultural forces, in this case religion. Martin Scorsese decided to become a Roman Catholic priest. This was influenced by the fact that even those that he noted bosses of crime in the neighborhood associated themselves and in addition respected the clergy. At the age of 14 years, he joined the theological college to pursue what he hoped would be his long term destiny. However, as his puberty kicked in, there was change of heart and in the early 1950s, a seduction to enjoy rock and roll overcame his desire for priesthood.
After the admiration for rock and roll, he progressed to have an increased interest in girls. The most obvious and expected outcome was for him to be expelled completely from the seminary due to undermining of celibacy. After the chances of becoming a priest diminished to absolutely nothing, Martin Scorsese decided to expound his passion for...

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